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November 02, 2017 2 min read

Deer Repellent for Crops

The desire of every farmer is to see his or her crops grow into healthy consumable crops; this also applies to individuals who also cultivate flowers in their gardens for the aesthetic purpose. However, this expectation can be cut short due to the constant attack of deer on cultivated crops. Deer is a beautify animal to behold but it can as well be very problematic. Since this animal is heterotrophic in nature, it will feed on virtually any crop it comes across causing the crop to die or experience stunted growth. For this reason, several deer repellent products as well as techniques have been developed so as to keep this deer away from farmlands and ensure healthy growth of plants. A few of them are mentioned below;


In this present times most consumers demand for food that are free of any sort of chemical this means the use of repellents and other chemical substance for the protection of crops could lead to a drop in the demand of the such plants in the market when harvested. Hence, to achieve minimal use of chemicals on plants before they mature and are harvested one might consider erecting a fence around the farmland in order to keep the cultivated crops safe and chemical; free. It is necessary to always bear in mind that deer is an excellent jumper and can jump a certain level of height. Therefore, while erecting the fence it is best to erect one that is six feet high or even eight to be on the safe side. The fence after construction serves as a form of barrier preventing the deer from accessing the protected area and the protected crops. In addition to the protection it provides for the crops, fencing generally serves as form of protection against stray animals and unwanted visitors.

Summit Deer Ban

The summit deer ban is a capsule-like deer repellent product. Its major component is the urine of any deer predator; hence, the perception of the smell of the repellent scares the deer away from the protected farm land which brings about safe growth of crops. To make use of this repellent the capsule is dropped at strategic places around the farm and water is added so as to activate the content. Once activated its repelling capacity can last for a minimum of 3 months and more. Reapplication of this repellent is necessary for continuous deterring of deer. One can comfortably make use of summit deer ban repellent is its completely odorless to man but offensive to the deer and other vertebrate pest which have a high sense of smell. When this repellent is applied around your rice farm it helps protect them and gives the crop the room to grow healthily.

Use of Deer and Rabbit MACE

University Proven Deer and Rabbit Mace is a type of deer repellent that can be applied wherever needed to deter deer. This repellent is made from organic compound and gives off an offensive odor to deer as well as other pest animal animals and in return your farmland is kept free of animal disturbance.