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October 31, 2017 2 min read

Crop Deer Repellents

crop deer repellentsThe sight of a deer feeding is indeed a lovely one. But this ‘lovely sight’ can become a nightmare if the feeding is done on your precious crops!

An average adult deer eats just about anything and in very large amounts especially during summer, fall and late in spring. They experience an increased appetite during their growing periods and therefore consume nearly ten pounds of food every day. One bizarre thing about the feeding habit of deer is that contrary to what people think, deer do not eat grass. In fact, they are incapable of digesting grasses properly. This fact place crops at a higher risk of damage by deer.

Grape, strawberries, lettuce, beans, spinach, peas and a good number of other vegetables and fruits are crops most likely eaten by deer. When you have a significant deer population in your geographical location, planting and successfully harvesting these crops becomes an almost impossible undertaking. It is therefore important to employ the use of deer repellents to keep deer away from your crops.

There are a lot of ways to keep deer away from your crops without affecting the growth and edibility of your crop. The use of certain commercial repellents is not advisable when edible crops are involved so as not to render the crops toxic and harmful to human health. Natural/homemade deer repellent recipes include eggs or other fowl-smelling ingredients that are not at all pleasant to humans.

One good way to keep deer away from your crops is to surround them with plants loathed by deer. These plants include but are not limited to cloves, garlic, peppermint, lavender, pot marigolds, foxgloves and daffodils.

The use of mechanical devices is another effective method to keep deer away from your crops. Some of these devices use ultrasonic sound waves that cannot be detected by the human ear. These sound waves are highly disturbing to deer and other animals, it is therefore important to keep them away from your pets’ path. Other devices use sprinklers and flashlights that function with motion detectors. Deer and other unwanted animals are giving the scare of their lives once the device detects any form of motion. Deer would surely keep away from that arena after getting frightened for up to three times.

If you are a busy person, and cannot make out time to grow deer repelling plants; or you do not want to endanger your pets and cannot afford to get a mechanical device to keep deer away from your crops, the only option is to use a commercial deer repellent.

A lot of commercial repellents are quite ineffective and harmful to you, your plants and your pets but Nature’s MACE Deer Repellent is not. In fact, it contains 4X the active ingredients in other repellents, yet is in no way harmful to your plants and pets. Nature’s MACE Deer Repellent gives off a scent that is disturbing to deer yet pleasant to humans and has been successfully tested by the University of Pennsylvania as the best commercial deer repellent that can be found in the market.