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April 24, 2013 2 min read

Best Homemade Deer Repellent Recipe

Who doesn’t enjoy watching wildlife peacefully graze on fresh spring greens from the comfort of their deck or patio? Gardeners, that’s who! Those peaceful looking deer and rabbits can wreak havoc on flower and vegetable gardens. Known for their insatiable appetites for anything from flowers and leaves to vegetables, a deer can destroy weeks of yardwork in no time at all. There are plentiful methods for keeping deer from eating one’s plants, and best homemade deer repellent recipe is also one of the easiest, most effective for deterring deer, and the cheapest to make.

Homemade deer repellent typically consists of two main ingredients: eggs and water. Even with these two ingredients, a number of variations to the recipe can be tried. The quickest way to make the repellent is to break one raw egg into about a gallon of water, stirring slowly so in order to prevent a lot of bubbles and foam. Once the ingredients are blended, this mixture can be dribbled directly onto plants, or transferred into a spray bottle and sprayed on the plants. This is the best homemade deer repellent recipe and will keep away not only deer, but rabbits and other pests.

The deer avoid the plants with the mixture on them because of the smell, so some variations can help strengthen the deterring odor. For example, the mixture can be left to sit outside, preferably in the sun, for an hour or up to a day, to allow the egg mixture to putrefy before application.

Some recent research has uncovered that a mixture that includes egg solid, or cooked egg, in the water, might be an even more effective deterrent than the mixture with raw egg. Using egg solid makes it a little more difficult to apply, because one cannot use a spray bottle for solids. Again, the mixture with the egg solid can be applied to plants directly after being made, or it can be left out to strengthen the deer deterring odor.

The best homemade deer repellent recipe out there will always include egg and water, but variations can be made at home to find the perfect version for any situation. For example, starting with the egg and water base, and number of ingredients can be added to see if it deters the deer more. Some popular ideas for ingredients to add to it include cinnamon, chili powder, soap, garlic, and any other strong or spicy ingredient.

In order to make the mixture adhere better to the plant leaves, a small amount of oil can be added to the deer repellent recipe. The directions above will provide the best homemade deer repellent recipe to protect your plants and flowers all year round. Once applied, the repellent must be reapplied regularly, especially after it rains, or the garden has been watered. For fast-growing plants, apply the mixture to new leaves as they appear. Once the deer find other places to feed, reapplication may be done less frequently.


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