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April 21, 2013 2 min read

Oftentimes, the very best solutions to common problems and ailments are the simple home remedies that have been passed down from one generation to the next, and that is definitely the case when it comes to the best deer repellents home remedies. Why go to the extra expense and work that it takes to install a high-tech electronic gadget with motion sensors, or other such devices, to scare the deer away, when the best deer repellent is also the least expensive and easiest to make right at home?

Two ingredients are all that are needed to keep the hungry deer away from flower beds, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, or any other green that they like to eat (which is all of them!). One of those ingredients is the water straight out of your faucet. The second ingredient? One egg.

To make this simple but extremely effective home remedy for keep deer away, fill an empty one-gallon milk jug with water: using a disposable container like this will make it easier, because the container can be discarded or recycled after use; this is usually desirable, because of the smell of the eggs. Crack one raw egg into the water. The egg can be cracked into a measuring cup with a spout, and then “scrambled” to make for easier pouring into the milk jug. The mixture should be stirred slowly until the two are well combined. Using egg solid, or cooked egg, has been demonstrated in some recent research to work even more effectively than a raw egg mixture. The mixture with solid egg can be made in the same way, but with the cooked egg finely chopped. The egg mixture can then be sprayed onto the plants immediately or left outside in the container for a little while (anywhere from one hour up to twenty-four hours) to allow time for the eggs to putrefy and create a stronger deer deterring odor. One sprayed on the plants and dried, the odor will not be noticeable to humans, but the deer’s delicate sense of smell will continue to pick it up.

Deer are naturally vegetarians, so the thought of eating anything that smells similar to meat will be instinctively revolting to them. Other vegetarian garden pests, like rabbits, will also stay away from plants sprayed with this deer repellent home remedy.

This deer repellent home remedy and it is completely safe for the plants. Gardeners may wish to avoid spraying the mixture directly onto plants that will be for consumption at a later time, like fruits and vegetables. If sprayed on food plants, care should be taken to thoroughly wash any fruits or vegetables before eating. For food plants, a mixture of soap and water can be used in order to avoid getting egg onto one’s food. While considered less effective, it may be safer for food, and in combination with the other recipe, will provide two of the best deer repellents home remedies to protect your garden.


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