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April 06, 2013 2 min read

The best natural deer repellents to keep hungry deer away from one’s carefully tended garden are, perhaps obviously, walls or fences. Of course, walls and fences are expensive, they obstruct views, and they are not practical in all areas of one’s yard. There are, however, a wide variety of other natural ways to keep hungry deer and other unwanted pests from eating plants and flowers.

For some homeowners, it is important to completely avoid the use of chemicals, when possible, on food plants, around pets, in areas where children play, or even in the absence of those, as part of a natural lifestyle. With a deer problem, chemicals are not even the most effective repellent, the all-natural repellents are also the most effective, and so environmentally conscious gardeners also have the best methods available to them.

To start with, gardeners can choose from several types of flowers and plants that deer are less likely to eat. Daffodils, foxgloves, and geraniums are not the top choice of food for deer when other variety of food is readily available. Deer will also avoid plants with fuzzy leaves, stickers, and bitter tastes if something better is nearby. Nonetheless, a hungry enough deer will eat any kind of flower or plant, so choosing “deer resistant plants” is not the most effective method of deterring deer.

Using water is an all-natural and safe method for scaring off deer. Motion detecting sprinklers can be purchased online or in home stores at a reasonable cost, and they can operate both day and night to protect one thousand square feet of yard. Deer will usually run away when the water turns on and sprays them. They will also keep away other animals like rabbits and cats. The motion detector can pick up branches swaying in the wind, and people walking, so depending on the location of the area in need of protection, it may not be the best solution to implement.

One of the best natural deer repellents is an easy mixture of raw or cooked egg and water. One raw egg, or alternatively, egg solid, can be mixed thoroughly with one gallon of water to produce and effective and natural deer repellent. While raw egg is a quicker way to make the solution, some studies have suggested that egg solid works even more effectively. The water and egg mixture can be left in the sun to putrefy and make it all the more effective. Other natural ingredients can be added to the egg and water solution. For instance, a few teaspoons of olive, canola, or vegetable oil can facilitate adherence to the plant leaves, and strong spices like cinnamon or chili pepper are used to make the mixture even less appetizing to deer and other pests.

Natural deer repellent comes in many forms and varieties, from bad-tasting plants to fence and wall barriers to sprays. Homeowners looking for the best natural deer repellents have a wide variety of options to suit their needs.


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