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February 14, 2016 2 min read

The very best mice deterrent techniques out there work best when used in combination with each other. To deter mice, one’s residence should be as unwelcoming to the little nuisance animals as possible. Mice, like any creature is looking for creature comforts: food and water, shelter, and safety. Take away these, and your home will become most unwelcome to mice, and any other little pests. Food and water are the first things to make sure are off limits to mice. This can be done by sealing food up tightly in containers, the refrigerator, or the freezer. Throw out any old food that you know will not be eaten. If your cupboards and pantries have crumbs or spills on the shelves, conduct a deep cleaning by emptying them out and cleaning shelves thoroughly. Finally, look for things that mice might like to eat, even if it isn’t food to use: dried flowers, rice paper, etc. is food to them.

Mice, like any preyed upon animal, are timid creatures, so the use of scare tactics is a best mice deterrent as well. Cats and dogs are one of the best mice deterrent techniques there is. Most mice and rats will stay very far away from a barking dog or mouse chasing cat. Once in a while, a rat or mouse will be bold enough to steal in front of a lazy dog, but a good terrier or young tom cat will usually keep not only mice, but rats, squirrels, possums and rabbits far away from one’s house, and inside, will hunt anything from spiders to mice. Scare tactics can also be used in the form of lights and sounds.

Homeowners who hear scratching in their attic usually attribute it to “squirrels,” but rats are much more common than people like to think. Mice and birds also are common attic and basement animals. Because shelter from wind and rain, attics also provide quiet peaceful places to make a nest, so using lights and sounds in the attic or basement will make it much less welcoming. Lights should be used so that they don’t present a first hazard. Sound can be used in the form of a radio playing, or any type of noise. Keeping that attic fan on will even help. Ultrasonic mice deterrents can also be purchased online, and they will emit sounds that will not be audible to human ears, but will prove unpleasant enough to mice to keep them away. These scare tactics will help with devising the best mice deterrent plan.

best mice deterrent

Finally, using a repellent will complete the best mice deterrent plan. This also is a scare tactic of sorts, because the organic mouse repellent on the market are very irritating to a mouse’s delicate nose, and so they flee to escape the stinging pain. The repellents made out of peppermint oil are an excellent choice of mouse repellent, and they are also nontoxic and safe to use around pets and children. Peppermint oil is bought in its pure form, or in a mouse deterrent that can be purchased online. With these best mice deterrent techniques, mice should effectively be kept at bay.