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September 03, 2016 2 min read

Best mouse control is the focus of this article. Learn about effective and safe mouse control! Mice look to appear out of nowhere. These pests are fast and can scamper across the room or up the wall in seconds. Because of their craftiness and quickness, people find it challenging to implement mouse control.

Many different control methods for mice are being presented these days. Some persons stand by the traditional method of trapping and killing. Whereas, others believe in humane traps that enable them to release the mice. Still, others want to try methods that are designed to deter the rodents altogether.

The choice is yours with regards to the mouse control method you will implement. After all, you deeply know what is best for you and your whole family. But if you’re having trouble deciding, below are some of the most well-known methods of mouse control.


It’s no secret that traps have been and will be gaining more popularity as one of the best tools to control the number of mice inside your property. Its easiness and convenience makes it the leading choice for many homeowners. It can be an average glue trap or lethal trap, or even the humane trap that permits the property owners to set the pest free outside. Only a small load of work is required – you will easily set the trap and expect the mouse to fall for it.

However, traps are the most frustrating type of pest control since they depend on the mouse without understanding how to prevent the trap altogether. Dejectedly, some mice might be quite smart and some are great at avoiding traps.

So, the other alternatives you can have are the following:


There are lots of poisons available that are highly popular among people who want to find an easy and effective method of mice control that would keep them from coming back. The main notion is that, the poison will smell flavorsome and the mice will eat it. Then, the poison kills the pest which keeps them from invading your property and coming back.

Unfortunately, what smells nice to mice will frequently smell nice to the household animals as well. Worse, keeping the toxic substance out of the hands of small kids might be terrible!

Therefore, the best mouse control you can have is the repellents.


Best Mouse Control

Among the best ways you can do to practice mouse control inside your premise is to work with agents that are friendly to the environment. These are specifically designed to prevent the mice completely. Plant based products such as Fresh Cab are environmentally friendly and are a great method to encourage the pests to stay away from your property.