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December 23, 2016 2 min read

Different people react in different ways to bed bug bite. While some are completely resistant to bed bug bites, others show severe allergic reaction. This is why it is important you learn how to identify allergic reactions caused by bed bug bites.

There are instances when bed bug bite will need immediate medical attention, and failure to do so can lead to dire consequences.

Science is yet to prove that bed bugs constitute medical hazards. Though most people see bed bug infestation as a sign of poor hygiene, the truth is that anybody can become a victim of bed bug infestation –clean or dirty. Bed bugs are mostly found in big cities with large population. Large population means large feast. That said, bed bug bites can make you sick, but not in a direct manner.

Though it has been scientifically proven that bed bugs breed harmful pathogens, no valid report has been put forward yet to show they transmit these pathogens through their bites.

Signs and symptom of bed bug bite

When your skin gets bitten by bed bug bites, clusters or lines of red welts is what results. It is near impossible to accurately tell a mosquito or flea bite from that of a bed bug. Bed bug bites cause the skin to swell, with dark red spots forming around it. These marks are as a result of your skin’s reaction to the saliva a bed bug drops when it feeds on your blood. Those allergic to bed bug bite often experience increased swellings, with hives appearing around the affected area due to excessive scratching.

Some peoples’ skin does not show any signs after being bitten by bed bugs. You won’t see any bump or swelling on their skin when it get bitten by bed bug. How then can you tell if you home have been taken over by bed bugs if you have this type of skin? Simple –check for eggs and bed bug eggs around the edges of your suitcase or mattress. The best way to tell if there are bed bugs in your home is when you actually see annoying insect.

Symptoms of allergic reaction to bed bug bite

When your skin gets bitten by a bed bug, allergic reactions like pain and swellings may follow. Stress increases the chances of you suffering an allergic reaction when bitten by a bed bug.

Should I see a doctor?

If you have concerns about your health, it is best you consult with a doctor. Though feeding once in every 5 to 10 days, bed bugs can quickly taking over your home if not properly controlled. Several bites on the skin indicate your home has been taken over by bedbugs.

It is quite difficult to tell when bed bug infestation has broken out in your home. But once you detect it, quickly consult with an expert pest control officer to rid your home from the nuisance. The earlier the better