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November 08, 2022 2 min read

Can you crush bed bug eggs? You are probably wondering about the best way to kill bed bugs and eliminate them from your home. Naturally, you may already know that it is possible to squish a bed bug, although that’s a nasty effect. But what about the eggs? Shop Bed Bug Killer…

Can your crush bed bug eggs?

You can crush bed bug eggs, just as you could the adults and nymphs. It doesn’t take much effort to crush these eggs. If you want to squash them, you can use a tissue over the egg and then pinch it. Bed bug eggs are also super tiny, measuring only 1 mm long. But it is difficult to pick up bed bug eggs and crush them due to their small size. Often bed bug eggs are hidden where you can’t easily find them. That said, it isn’t impossible to crush them. What you must do is:

  • Use a flashlight and magnifying glass to look for them. Once found, use a scraper, stiff brush or credit card to dislodge the eggs from their hiding spots.
  • It would help if you looked for the eggs in places like bed frames, baseboards, cracks in walls, pillows and pillowcases, bookshelves, carpets, rugs, home appliances, light switches and more.
  • But crushing the bed bug egg isn’t the best way to deal with them. It is much better to use a spray to ease the process of killing the bugs.

Can crushed bed bug eggs stain?

Bear in mind that a crushed bed bug can stain your fabrics. However, this stain won’t be much of a problem if you can easily wash those materials. Unfortunately, the problem often lies with crushing actual bed bugs, which can leave behind a bloody stain. If you are dealing with a bloody color from a crushed bed bug, wash with soap immediately and by hand before laundering the fabric.

For older stains, use a pre-treatment stain remover followed by a tiny amount of ammonia before washing that garment. You should consider equally washing those bedsheets or clothing at temperatures of over 120 degrees farenheit. For clothes that can’t be washed, please place them in the dryer and heat them at the highest possible temperature for over 30 minutes.

What is the best way to kill bed bug eggs?

Like adult bugs, you need a more efficient approach to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Consider a multi-step strategy involving vacuuming, washing, dry-cleaning and treating your home with an ideal chemical bed bug spray. These steps, in combination, will deal with bed bugs at all stages of their life cycles. So can you crush bed bug eggs?

Can you crush bed bug eggs

A chemical bed bug treatment involving handy sprays like Nature’s Mace bed bug killer is a fantastic way to make your home infestation-free. Nature’s Mace bed bug killer works almost instantly and offers a long-lasting residual effect, which means it continues to kill bed bugs long after the first application. So get Nature’s MACE bed bug killer and stop these pesky invaders from unleashing their nightmare. Eco Friendly Bed Bug Killer…

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