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July 09, 2018 2 min read

Deer deterrent for crops

The problem of deer invasion of farmlands and gardens has raised much concern among farmers and individuals who grow flowers and simple crops for the love of it. This concern has to the invention of various techniques that can successfully deter deer and allow for the healthy growth of cultivated crops.

Deer can be deterred and prevented from invading gardens and farms through the erection of a fence. The fencing system is one of the active methods of deterring deer from the protected area. While putting up the fence it is necessary to make it as high as 8 feet tall considering the fact that deer are excellent jumpers. The high erected fence will automatically keep them away as long as it is higher than their jump range.


Milorganite is a kind of deer repellent that can be used to ward off deer from cultivated farm land and to keep the crops safe. But the effect of this repellent is only temporarily and not long lasting. In addition to the deterring ability of the milorganite, it can also be used for the purpose of fertilizing the soil. For effective use it is spread over the soil to be cultivated before the cultivation process is carried out. According to research a soil treated with milorganite is mostly under less attack by deer and other herbivorous animals than those which were not treated before work was done on the farm. It is important to note that the milorganite does not prevent deer attack it only reduces the infestation of deer on the treated farmland.

Nature’s MACE Deer Repellent

If your crop or flowers are constantly being fed on by deer the use of Nature’s MACE deer and rabbit repellent can help solve the problem. It works on the principle of smell because it is made of organic materials. Aside from the repelling effect it has on deer, it can also repel over 20 other pest animals from protected area. Nature’s MACE is safe to be used around children; it is long lasting and weather resistant.

Electronic Deer Repellent

The Electronic Deer Repellent is quite an effective deer repellent which can be used in place of an electric fence. It generates a shock of 400 volts to the unfortunate deer that comes in contact with it. The nature of this device can easily attract deer close to it and once they come close the generated current is passed through the animal body. The intensity of the shock is minimal and can only cause shocking effect to the deer so as to deter it from and prevent it from coming any closer to the protected farm land but it is not high enough to cause death. A single post can protect as much as 400 sq. feet of land but requires batteries to function. This device is safe to be used around children therefore there is no cause for alarm.

Deer Deterrent for Crops

In addition to the above mentioned methods of protection for crops, deer and rabbit mace still remains the best. It is much more effective and efficient when compared with other types of repellent and at the same time quite affordable.