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January 27, 2013 2 min read

A deer is a woodland animal that can be found near rivers, hilly and mountainous forests almost everywhere in the United States. Although these animals are migrating a lot they can easily settle on a relatively small area. They are most active during dusk, but they are also active during the day. Depending on their age and gender, these animals can live in groups or wander alone. Deer have a plant-based diet. Their diet can sometimes cause problems to owners that have yards in areas where deer live. There are several ways to protect your yard from deer, but the best way to solve this situation is to use deer repellent for plants. Before we go into details let’s check some of the other methods.

First of all, you can always build a fence specially designed for deer protection. What makes this fence special is the fact that it is higher than the usual fence. Deer can jump really high (sometimes more than eight feet) and that’s probably the height for the deer fence you are looking for. They are a good solution. But they can ruin the visual appearance of your yard and block your view. You can also create smaller fences around the plants, but once again in this way you will affect the natural development of plants and ruin their beauty. Many people shout loud or play music in order to scare the deer and this works every time. However, you can’t be present in the yard for the entire day or play music all the time. In addition, your neighbors will be annoyed, and some deer will come back after they realize that you are not a real threat. In the recent period so-called deer repellent plants are advertised on the market. The truth is that deer enjoy every plant and they only skip some plants if other tastier plants are around. All these things mean that the only efficient and safe solution is to use deer repellent for plants. These commercial products are getting quite popular, and they can be found in most stores as well as on the internet. There are basically two versions of these deer repellents. The first one is used by spraying on the desired object while the second is used by application on a certain area. The so-called area repellents are based on a strong odor that makes deer avoid that area. Deer have a sensitive sense of smell. The spray is used directly on plants and it affects their sense of taste. Once their tongue gets in contact with the sprayed plant, the deer will feel a bitter flavor.

Deer Repellent for Plants

What makes deer repellent for plants great is the fact that they last for months and they are resistant to water (their effects won’t be influenced by rain or snow). In addition, they are perfectly safe for your plants and even for your children. The best way to purchase a deer repellent like this is to use the internet.