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January 25, 2013 2 min read

In this article we will discuss heirloom seeds and the pros and cons of planting such seeds. We will also briefly discuss the advantages of using an organic animal repellent to protect your investment.

Whenever an individual is bored of eating the same green vegetables available in the market and wants to try something new, one can try growing plants out of heirloom seeds. It is known as a seed of heritage variety which was earlier in use for producing non-hybrid plants. It was grown earlier before the arrival of modern agriculture.

When such seeds are sown, they grow in their own unique way, but they inherit the traits from the parent plant, if they do germinate and are fully grown. Heirloom seeds are totally free from cross-pollination and are produced through open pollination only. Distributing seeds to friends and neighbors will ensure that their seed varieties are still lively and healthy to be grown. Hence, this process is economical and eco-friendly.

When due to widespread disease, crop failure, plants and crops of the desired variety are destroyed then heirloom seeds are a savior at that point. Hence, one should try to use the saved heirloom seeds which are very close to their original type.

Heirloom seeds contain various traits like, resistance to diseases, life span of a plant, height of a plant, things related to its quality, etc. which are difficult to find. Still, being an advantageous and an easy option, one can opt for this way of growing and consuming such plants. It will also help one to know and preserve the natural and beautiful element of biodiversity.

Protecting your investment with an organic animal repellent is always a concern that should be addressed in early spring before newly planted seed begin to bloom. Use an all-natural product will ensure safety for your family and a bountiful harvest all summer long. Nature’s MACE Deer Repellant is all an all-natural product and a good solution for keeping deer out your gardens.


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