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March 07, 2013 2 min read

Deer Repellent Home RecipeSometimes the very best solutions to problems are the tried and true one that have been handed down for generations and are often the least high tech of all. That is true in many spheres, including gardening and home maintenance. This article will share a tried-and-true deer repellent home recipe that has been proven to work as long as there has been garden that need protecting and hungry deer in search of them.

The most simple and quick deer repellent home recipe takes only two ingredients and no more than five minutes to make. Simply crack one raw egg into one gallon of water and gently stir until they are blended together. The mixture can be poured into a spray bottle for spraying or dribbled directly onto any plants that have been attracting hungry deer. This solution needs to be reapplied once rain or sprinklers wash it off. If an egg mixture is applied directly onto any food plants such as tomatoes or lettuce, extra care must be taken to wash them when it comes time to eat. Some gardeners recommend against spraying egg mixture onto the food part of plants altogether, instead recommending spraying leaves and stalks of tomatoes, and spraying around, but not on, plants like lettuce and kale.

There are variations to this home recipe that can make it a little more effective. The first variation is to follow the recipe above, but to let it sit out for five to twenty-four hours so that the egg putrefies. Some gardeners claim that this makes it even more repellent, while other argue that the fresh mixture putrefies on the plant, so there is little difference.

If the recipe above does not seem to work, it can be made stronger by using less water per egg, down to as little as one cup of water per egg. Again, some gardeners scoff at this, claiming that this only makes a more expensive mixture, while others claim it works better.

Some research has shown that a deer repellent home recipe made with egg solid, or cooked egg, instead of raw egg, works even better. Again, variations of the recipe can be made with egg solid, including that same as above, such as letting it putrefy before application to the plants, and diluting or making the mixture stronger, depending on what works.

Besides the two-ingredient variations of the deer repellent home recipes discussed above, additional ingredients are sometimes said to help. For example, a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil or canola oil can help the egg mixture cling to leaves and bark and stay on the plants better. Some people add spicy ingredients that they think will taste bad to the deer. Chile powder, cinnamon, or anything else with a very spicy or bitter taste are sometimes said to help.

When making a deer repellent home recipe, start with the two ingredients, test is out, and then experiment with some of the variations suggested above to figure out what works best for your situation.


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