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February 02, 2016 3 min read

Deer Resistant Annuals Plants Is the Best for Your Garden. Most of the people love to see beautiful and majestic view landscape in the garden. However, there are some animals that might destroy the beautiful scenery of your garden such as deer. These animals have the ability to destroy the landscape of your plants. This kind of situation happened because these animals already loss their habitat and there is continuous destruction of forest that in return, these animals go to some residential landscape to eat.

There are many towns that have den set of deer population that produces worries to most of the homeowners. Because of this, you need to create some good and effective landscape management program to avoid this situation. Since deer wants food, they will eat everything they will see especially if your landscape is planted with plants that are unpalatable. So try to avoid planting plants that will keep on attracting deer such as the deer resistant annual plant.

These are commonly known plants that is said to be a deer resistant plant and are considered as rare but devoured. You can use these kinds of plants as alternate planting choices to keep the other plants safe from deer. Since most of people chose to plant some ornamentals, they considered medicinal as their prime choice for deer resistant annual planting. Some of these have properties of poison while some plants offer strong scent or sometimes some plants have leaves that are unpalatable. To avoid deer eat your landscape, planting some spiny or fuzzy plants that have strong aromas such as lemon or minty.

Here are the lists of deer resistant annuals you can chose from in case you want to improve your landscape in your home.
• Amarantus Carnival
• Alyssum Crystal Clear Lavender Shades
• Dusty Miller Silver Dust
• Cosmos Sonata Pink
• Lantana Bandana Rose
• Scentropia Dark Blue Heliotrope
• Nicotina Starmaker Deep Line
• Marigold
• Snapshot Pink Snapdragon
• Salvia Mannequin Bright Blue
• Double Zahara Fire Zinnia

These kinds of deer resistant annual plants are one of effective ways to thwart those hungry deer and will not eat your plants anymore. These plants are less tasty as compared to others so it will guarantee you that the deer will not try to eat it.

You can use this deer resistant annual plant in some of deer repellents plant by simply planting it alternately. The substance that is being repelled by these plants will provide a bad taste, odor or it can be the combination of the two. This will serve as your deer solution which is a very natural edible crop, in which it can provide an appealing fragrance to most people. Once you are done planting your deer resistant plant, you can put some fence around it to make your landscape more secured. You can also use some spray of repellents to all of your new plants to keep the deer away from it. Furthermore, you can hang some strong soap to the limbs of your plants to make the repellent become more effective. Lastly, guard your landscape with big dogs since dog are more aggressive to deer. Now, you will have the assurance of a safe garden through the help of the deer resistant annual plant.