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February 10, 2016 2 min read

Any homeowner who tends to a garden, whether it is a flower garden, strawberries, or vegetables like leafy lettuce, can tell you that rabbits are a terrible nuisance and it can be quite difficult to get rid of them once they discover something they like to eat. Rabbits are attracted not only to the stereotypical carrots, but to a variety of garden flowers, which make delicious meals for them, but can cause widespread devastation to any garden. So homeowners often ask themselves where to buy the best rabbit repellent to help them preserve their gardens—and their sanity!

Where to buy the best rabbit repellent depends a lot on what sort of outcome and ingredients the consumer is looking for. For many homeowners, buying an organic and natural rabbit repellent is important. Although rabbits are a nuisance, it is hard to deny how cute the are, and many people want a way to get rid of them that is also humane and won’t kill or harm the animals. Organic repellent are also ideal for homeowners who care about the environment, and for households that have pets or children that they want to keep safe. With that in mind, many consumers look for a biodegradable natural repellent that has ingredients like essential oils that will repel rabbits and other garden animals, without hurting animals or people, or the environment.

Garlic oil, clove oil, and cinnamon oil are typical ingredients in organic sprays that deter not only rabbits, but also a variety of other garden pests like moles, voles, mice, rats, and squirrels. The strong scents and tastes of the oils are too much for delicate little bunny noses, and the rabbits will hope away to look for fresh food somewhere else. Putrefied egg solid is another ingredient to look for to keep many vegetable eating animals away, including not only rabbits, but deer, elk, and even moose. Many repellents with these ingredients can be easily bought online through large retailers like Amazon.

Where to buy the best rabbit repellent

Another odor deterrent that works is one made with predator urine, usually from coyotes or wolves. Usually purchased through online retailers or from hunting stores, these repellents are usually in powered or pellet form. They work but emit a very unpleasant smell, even to humans, so they are best used on the perimeters of properties if at all, to keep rabbits and other animals who are preyed upon, out. Animals lovers may want to look carefully at the means with which the urine is extracted from the predators; some claim these products are inhumane.

Gardening stores, online stores, or even hunting stores can be where to buy the best rabbit repellent, and the best ones contain egg solids as an ingredient. Store bought repellents are also available in varieties with an added bittering agent. These are effect for ornamental plants like flowers, trees, and grasses, but should be avoided for use on food plants, because the plants can absorb the bitter taste through the roots and throughout the fruit and leaves.