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February 01, 2016 2 min read

Basically, you can make homemade recipes for deer repellent that can save you with more money. Deer are beautiful creatures but sometimes they can be very destructive without them knowing it. Their presence can sometimes mean disaster for your landscape or garden. These animals are well-known edible vegetarian that feeds on any kinds of plants except those that are thorny.

deer repellentHomeowners usually encounter problems in their landscape because of the presence of deer. The thing is that, the garden that you took care of for how many years will just be destroyed in a few minutes. In this case, they no longer have to worry about their landscaping because they can provide themselves the solution to this problem.
There are number of homemade deer repellent recipes that can work best for driving away destructive deer on your yard. Keeping them away from the house will no longer be a big challenge for you because of these homemade recipes that can be done easily. These recipes are made out of many studies and researches regarding the solutions that will drive deer away from your garden.

One of the most effective deer repellent solutions is rotten eggs with garlic and pepper. This combination is a perfect strategy that will surely keep them away. Deer do not like the unpleasant smell of rotten eggs and garlic and they can notice it immediately compared to humans. This recipe is a combination of raw eggs mixed with water. But, you may also find it more helpful to add hot peppers and garlic on the recipe for more efficiency.

Some would use cooking oil and dish soap mixed in raw eggs as deer repellent. This second recipe is combination of egg, milk, dish soap and water combined all together to form lather. You only have to spray this on the plants after every two weeks and you will see that deer maintain a distance from it. You may also sprinkle the plants after heavy rain to keep the solution.

Homemade deer repellents are so easy to do. The only thing that is hard on the process is maintenance. Basically, you need to regularly sprinkle or pour the solution on the plants to sustain the protection. You may spray it to the leaves, flowers and other parts that you want to protect. These homemade recipes though relatively easy are sometimes easy to forget. That is why it would be best if you are going to make gallons of the recipes ahead. If in case, that you forgot the recipe then you still have reserve to be used the next time you need to spray the plants.

There are other deer repellents that are readily available such as deodorant soap and selected kinds of blood meal. Strong odors are great deer repellents that deer can sense and smell even from a distance. They are able to smell strong scents compared to humans who have limited smelling power. This make homemade deer repellent recipes effective because of the smelling quality of deer.