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January 27, 2016 2 min read

Deer Resistant Shrubs Will Help Keep Your Garden Protected. If you are residing in an area that has large numbers of foraging deer, you will surely be dismayed once your favorite plant just disappeared overnight. However, there is no need for you to give up your garden because there are lots of ways on how to make your yard or garden become less appealing to this kind of animal. It is very important to keep in mind that there is no such thing to be used as deer proof because dear will surely eat anything in your garden once they are hungry. However, there are better ideas you can consider that can help you make these animals give up eating your favorite plants and go somewhere else for their appetizer.

Since these deer are more attracted in plants that are high in water, foliage, hostas, early spring plants such as forsythia, crocuses, tulips, berry plants and even vegetable and native plants, planting some plants that are less attracted to deer is a better idea. Some of these plants include grasses, ferns, and prickly plants, plants that are hairy or fuzzy leaves, strong scented foliage, herbs, flavored plants and shrubs.

Deer resistant shrubs will make your garden safe from the ravaging creatures of forest like deer and will provide option for your landscape that is very unpalatable. Therefore, if the deer is your problem, planting these deer resistant plants will make your garden more beautiful all year round. Therefore, whether you live in a rural or suburb community, deer will be your gardener scourge. However, by the means of protecting your garden or landscape through planting deer resistant shrubs, you will have the assurance that it will get the right protection.

These deer resistant shrubs are better solution for most of the avid gardeners. These are the plants that most deer don’t want to eat because these kinds of shrubs develop some defense mechanism wherein it repels some animals who like to feed them. Most of these plants may provide some bad taste or poison to deer while some have thorns to protect itself. Deer resistant shrubs are divided into two categories which are evergreen and flowering.
The deer resistant shrubs that are flowering are unpalatable to most of deer. Among of the best example for this kind of plants are:

• Lilac. It blooms early in late spring that has sweet scented white, purple, mauve and pink flower.
• Potentilla. It is also called buttercup shrub and produce pink, yellow and white flower.
• Spirea. It is also called meadow sweet that produces abundant pink or white flowers.

Some deer resistant shrubs can provide shade all year round. Among these are:

• Boxwood. It has sharp smell that can be compared to the cat urine odor.
• Holly. It is the prettiest plant but has sharp pointed leaves.
• Juniper. In planting this plant, make sure that you wear gloves because it can provide some allergic reaction that can develop itchy skin rash once you touch their leaves.

Deer resistant shrubs can also add some beauty in your garden and at the same time, it will provide true protection to your plants.