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September 17, 2020 2 min read

Do Deer eat English ivy? Yes, Deer can eat English Ivy, and so in this article, we will talk about ways to stop Deer from eating your precious Ivy garden.

The English Ivy (Hedera helix) is known for its pleasant aesthetic look and is used mainly for outdoor walls. They are also an evergreen cover, known for its hardiness and covering ability. However, if you plan to have them as cover in your gardens or outside walls, you may likely ask – do Deer eat English Ivy?

Sadly, they do. The English Ivy is, in fact, a favorite tasty treat for Deer. It is no wonder, some growers have reported watching Deer eat their English Ivy to the ground until there is nothing left in its place but roots. However, there is no cause for alarm, as there are ways you can deter Deer from munching on your Ivy.


Odor and taste repellents can also be employed to deter Deer from your Ivy coves. However, you should get at least two different sets of repellents and alternate between them. Deer are very dogged and can easily adapt to situations if they remain consistent. This is while some homeowners have reported that their repellents do not work after some time. Rotating can help prevent Deer from adapting to them.

Cultivate alternatives

Some people prefer using alternatives because the Ivy plant can be aggressively invasive and might take over all-natural areas and choke out other native plants. It is currently an alarming concern, particularly in areas around the Pacific Northwest South and California. If you prefer changing your preference, you can consider cultivating covers such as bugle-weed or the Japanese spurge.

Install fences

You can also keep Deer away from your garden by installing fences. These are some of the most effective methods, but you might sacrifice the pleasant feel of an open landscape for one that feels closed in. Since your covers will be there for a long time, we recommend using permanent wooden fences of at least 7 to 8 feet tall. Deer can jump up to 6 feet, so making your fences that high will not be effective. Permanent fences also last for up to 30 years. While they might be expensive at the onset, they are still cost-effective for protecting your perennial gardens. You can use a slanted fence or a tensile wire system, if you are on a budget.

Concluding thoughts

Now you know that the answer to the question – do deer eat English ivy – is affirmative. The English Ivy is one of the favorite meals of Deer across all regions. Therefore, if you are considering using them as covers, you must also consider installing effective deterrents. Also, bear in mind that deterrents must be done consistently to ensure that it stays effective. As we said earlier, Deer are persistent and will return to familiar spaces from time to time, even when they haven’t had their meals there in a long time.