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March 17, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat Norway spruce? If conifers are your go-to option, then you might wonder about the best deer resistant variants to cultivate.

Deer eats a wide variety of things – from twigs, fruits, buds, stems and so on. On rare occasions, this majestic and graceful creature has been found to exhibit carnivorous tendencies. However, spruce trees are a great favorite among growers. The Norway Spruce is especially one of the best evergreens for windbreaks. Over two-thirds of America love these particular tree. It’s also the preferred option for Christmas tree.

Even so, Norway Spruce is fast growing and features dark green needles that can stay green and gorgeous for more than 10 years. Its shape is also a great advantage in the face of ice storms, and heavy snow as these can only cause minimal damage.

But then, growing any plant requires that you learn about the pests to be on the watch for. So if you live with a high deer population, one question you might ask is – do deer eat Norway Spruce?

Deer and Norway spruce

Fortunately, Norway spruce is resistant to deer just as it is resistant to many other pests and diseases. According to Rutgers classification, it is termed ‘seldom severely damaged’ which means it has the second-highest deer resistance degree that any plant can receive.

The fine pine needles are especially hard that deer would often leave it alone. However, deer may feed on your spruce trees when your trees are young. Deer can also cause damage to these trees by rubbing against them. They also make a great winter cover for deer and small game, which is a plus for hunters but definitely not a preferred outcome for growers.

A lot of natives also attest to the fact that deer can and will feed on your Norway spruce trees in the winter. This is especially so, in areas where their norways become the only greens for miles.

Therefore, Deer can cause damage to your Norway spruce trees if they cannot find other options.

How to protect your Norway spruce trees from deer damage?


Buy a commercial repellent mix to help you protect your trees away from deer. We recommend using odor and taste repellents for this purpose. We also recommend that you rotate between two mixes of odor and taste repellents to keep deer from becoming familiar with the pungent smell and taste.


Fencing is one of the most effective ways to keep deer out. However, your fence must be strong and high enough. The right height is about eight to ten feet. You can use different materials for your fencing. Wooden or electric fencing is a popular choice. Another is creating a plastic mesh fence around individual trees. You can also use deer wire fencing. No matter your choice, also make sure your fencing is secure to the ground. You wouldn’t want Bambi going underneath the fence.


Do deer eat Norway spruce? No deer only eats Norway spruce if they cannot find other palatable sources. Deer will also cause the death of trees if you let them rub their bucks against them. Therefore, you must protect your trees.

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