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March 18, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat nasturtium? Nasturtiums are sun-loving annuals. We usually add to our gardens for their gorgeous funnel-shaped flowers. Nasturtiums flowers come in warm bursts of colors ranging from bright red to creamy yellow. They also have unique rounded green leaves that look like water-lily pads. You can find climbing, trailing, or mounding varieties.

They also attract butterflies, which further transforms the appeal of your garden positively. Even so, nasturtiums require minimal maintenance, which is why newbies love them. They are equally drought tolerant. However, sophisticated gardens have no love for nasturtiums because they tend to overcome other prized selections in your garden.

If you have no problems with this happening, then you may consider enjoying their sunny and pretty patches. Usually, they can grow into gorgeous cascading from pots on pedestals and terraces from a design point of view. This is why they make excellent choices for lining pathways. Nasturtiums are also one of the few plants that you can eat almost every part, including stems, flowers, leaves, roots, and seeds. The flowers are mostly consumed in salads, and they find use in traditional medicine. But then, you may wonder – what pests should you take action against? Do deer eat nasturtium?

Deer resistant nasturtium annuals

Fortunately, nasturtium is no favorite to deer. Deer do not eat nasturtium for their pungent scents (which is why we love them).

However, some people have talked about deer eating their nasturtiums. This usually happens if they cannot find other palatable food sources. It might also occur if your nasturtiums if you have a high deer population. Furthermore, deer can feed on any plant if it’s young enough. Deer love young shoots, so you need to protect your nasturtiums at the early stages.

How to protect your nasturtium from deer?

Opaque Fencing

Fencing is a great way to keep out deer from your garden as long as it is high enough. You should make yours over eight to ten feet tall. That way, deer cannot jump over your wall. You should also ensure that your fence is firmly rooted to the ground. You wouldn’t want deer going underneath to have a go at your hard work.

Mental wire deer fencing

You can also install an 8ft high metal wire deer fencing to keep them out. However, this option is expensive, but it is also durable. You can also create that fence out of a tall plastic mesh. This is a much cheaper option.


Repellents are also excellent ways to keep deer away and out of your nasturtium plants. You can purchase an odor repellent that will chase deer away with their unappealing scent. However, you need to rotate between two or three deer repellents to keep deer away effectively.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat nasturtium? No, they don’t, except they cannot find other favorites. However, if you find that your area’s deer pressure is too high, you should guard against deer damage. Use the instructions we talked about above to prevent harm to your nasturtiums.

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