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August 09, 2021 3 min read

How do bed bugs start in your home. This is the focus of this article. You come home from work one day and spot your neighbor is setting their furniture ablaze, and you wonder what is going on? You then approach them to ask the obvious question “what is going on? Why the intense fire?” Still shocked, you repeat the subject, this time, with more concern, and your neighbor who by now is neck-deep in trying to control the fire, screams “They got me FAM, the bedbugs got me bad!”And you speculate if things could ever get this far for you, by now your mind is running through numerous levels, and you are possibly unable to settle for any, and you wonder “how do bedbugs start in your home in the first place?”Bed Bug Treatment and killers

A little history

Dating back to 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, bedbugs have a past of being survivors and had continually become a reason for concern to those that were previously affected by it. Back in the medieval era, they were noticed in rope beds, and they also made guest appearances in the 1200s and 1400s within France and Germany, respectively.

The colonist back in the 1950s brought these nasty species to the United States, but pest control was used by the government to fight back with a huge success. However, they were able to seek refuge in other parts of the world and successfully multiply. In the 90s, bedbugs resurfaced, and they were able to achieve this through immigrants and tourists that came for visits and consecutively return to their homeland.

Let’s know more about this pest

With about 3/16” long, bedbugs are very swift when they move, and the ambiguity of their body allows for flexibility when squeezing through crevices, tiny corners and cracks. They are reddish-brown when adequately fed and also tend to move slowly during this state.

The adult bedbugs are darker than the young, and the females reproduce at least once every day. Their eggs tend to be white in color and known to adhere unto surfaces where they are laid.

They move in packs and give off an awful odor when they are present. They hide in plain sight sometimes and are found mostly in bed frames, door hinge, edges of your furniture, books, mattresses, duvets, sheets, rugs, ceilings, walls, pillow and even pillowcases.

How do bed bugs start in your home?

How do they start?

Bedbugs travel through structures with a lot of rooms, luggage at the airport or hotels, clothes, books and even through your pets. They feed on warm-blooded animals for survival, and household pets also serve as good hosts, and they are fond of reproduction, as one male and one female bedbug are all it takes to give your home an overrun.

Bedbugs find shelter in places where they can easily retrieve blood, especially at night, such as your matrasses and your pillows, and after dominating these areas, they begin to spread to other parts of the house, so if you are wondering again about how do bed bugs start in your home? Consider looking through this article once more.

Have a great day and stay bug-free.

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