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October 27, 2021 3 min read

Bed bugs are a serious problem, no matter where they happen. So you might have questions about how to check for bed bugs in an Airbnb and the best steps to take after that.

As an Airbnb host, dealing with bed bugs infestation can be a severe nightmare. These bloodthirsty insects can find their way into your Airbnb rental through the shoes, luggage, clothes of your get. Once there’s an infestation, there are many problems to face. This infestation might mean you cannot take in new guests and may only have to refund existing guests.

Still, nothing can fully protect your Airbnb from bed bugs. However, it’s always better to prevent bed bugs from infesting your unit from the onset. This is why it is essential to check for bed bugs in an Airbnb frequently. But then what do you look for?

Know the signs of an Airbnb bed bugs outbreak

Some owners quickly identify bed bugs infestation by guests complaining about being bitten. This is not the best approach. In reality, you should diligently look for these bugs. This will also ensure that you don’t spend too much money dealing with an infestation, as the more severe it becomes, the harder it gets to deal with them. Here are the signs to quickly identify bedbugs in your Airbnb:

Bloodstains – You might find tiny bloodstains on your pillows, mattress, and sheets

Live bed bugs – It’s also possible to find bed bugs or their eggs in tiny cracks and crevices that are not wider than the width of a credit card. You may also find them in loose wallpaper, drawer joints, headboards and baseboards, mattress seams, and lots more.

Bed bug eggs – Bed bug eggs are also ways to identify a bed bug infestation. These eggs are pearly white and just like tiny grains of rice.

Smell – Bed bugs leave a sweet and musty smell behind, but this gets obvious when the infestation is severe.

How to prevent or stop a bed bug outbreak
Preventing and stopping a bed bug outbreak in an Airbnb bears many similar procedures. Below are some steps you might take in both situations:

Check for bed bugs – Have a routine check for bed bugs around your entire home. Although this seems hectic, it is a great way to stop infestations from losing you money.

Launder at high heat – Whether you find bedbugs or not, it’s always important to wash all linen, towels, and clothing, especially those from your Airbnb, at a higher temperature.

Dry with hot air – for non-washable items, make sure to steam them at the hottest possible temperature.

Provide ample storage – Be sure you provide abundant storage devices, including luggage racks and hangers, to prevent guests from putting their suitcase on the bed or using other furniture in the room as a ‘makeshift wardrobe.’

Use a mattress encasement – for each bed to reduce hiding spots for bed bugs. If there are already bed bugs in the room, this measure can help keep bed bugs within the mattress and stop them from biting your guests or spreading the infestation. Still, it’s best to get rid of an infested mattress to make sure your home is bedbug-free.

Vacuuming – Vacuuming is also an excellent way to cut down infestation. However, it does not entirely get rid of it. Be sure to vacuum all surfaces carefully, including hard-to-reach areas to remove bed bugs and their eggs. Also, carefully empty the vacuum and dispose of the dirt outside your home afterward.

Get rid of cracks – Cracks and crevices in walls, wallpaper, floors, and furniture provide hiding spots for bugs, making it challenging to get rid of the infestation. Be sure to repair all cracks with plaster.

Clean out storage – After each circle of guests, empty all storage spaces and wipe down areas to stop an infestation in its tracks. You should equally deep clean walls, closet corners, carpets, cabinets, kitchen appliances, fans, oven, refrigerator, and other devices occasionally.

Final thoughts

Should you check for bed bugs on Airbnb? Absolutely, checking for bed bugs as an Airbnb host prevents you from dealing with a severe bed bug infestation. It’s also an excellent way to stop an infestation in its tracks to avoid losing your customers and money.

How to check for bed bugs in an Airbnb