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October 26, 2021 3 min read

Do mice like the smell of bleach? If you have a mice problem and consider the different ways to repel mice, you might ask this question. In this guide, we will talk about mice and potential control methods such as bleach.

Although some people find mice attractive, having them in your home can be a troubling thought. Mice have a penchant for chewing through many materials, including plastics, wood, soft vinyl, rubber, and even low gauge aluminum material, causing a tremendous amount of damage in their path.

They also reproduce just as fast and dangerous as they can transmit hundreds of diseases through their bodies. So, when considering the best ways to repel mice, one question you might ask is this – do mice like the smell of bleach?

Bleach is not the best solution to repel mice

Mice do not like the smell of bleach. According to a study published online about odor and the feeding behavior of female rodents, mice and many other rodents hate strong smells. So, the unbearable pungent smell can repel them, keeping them off properties where they are sprayed. Bleach can also kill mice if consumed in large quantities. You can also use bleach to kill harmful bacteria on mice droppings. But there is a problem – using bleach to repel or kill mice is unsustainable.

First, you need enormous quantities of bleach and have to reapply every few hours to sustain the toxic fumes. Secondly, mice would never be attracted to traps laced with strong-smelling chemicals like bleach.

Thirdly, applying bleach around your home might destroy your properties. Bleach can break down the finish on your furniture or wood floors, stain fabric, and distort wall paints.

Choose a better mice repellent solution

Therefore, bleach can only work as a very short-term repellent. You need a more sustainable mice repellent that can help you eliminate those rodents in your home. The right mice repellent works as a humane solution and will not require as many reapplications as bleach.

Other Mice prevention strategies

Besides using a suitable repellent to repel mice, there are other things you must do to keep them out.

1. Clean thoroughly – Avoid having crumbs of food particles lying around. Mice are attracted to these crumbs and only require about 5 grams of food to survive, which is why you must sanitize thoroughly.
2. Secure your home – Don’t forget to repair leaky faucets and pipes and keep garbage cans sealed tightly. Also, store your food in airtight glass jars and containers.
3. Seal all cracks – Mice can squeeze through a crack that’s only a quarter of an inch, which is why you need to seal all cracks and crevices. Because mice can chew through different materials, consider using steel wool for this purpose.

Concluding thoughts

Do mice like the smell of bleach? No, they don’t, but bleach isn’t a sustainable way to get rid of mice. In reality, you are only better off using bleach to disinfect surfaces from the pathogens and harmful diseases that mice transmit. But to get rid of mice from your home, choose a reliable mice repellent spray.

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