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October 28, 2021 3 min read

How to check for bed bugs in the couchhis article will contain everything you need to know about inspecting the sofa and other upholstery furniture for bed bugs.

Bed bugs like to enjoy comfort just like most humans. The couch can provide a perfect hiding spot for them because it’s easier to avoid light and detection there. The folds, frame, and cushions of the couch all provide excellent hiding spots, which is why they might take advantage of these positions to feed on humans and store their bed bug eggs. But then, how do you check for bed bugs in the couch?

Indications of bed bugs in your couch

Do realize that bed bugs are not the only bugs that can infest the couch. Fleas, dust mites, cockroaches, and carpet beetles are also bugs that can reside in couches. Therefore, you need to follow the signs below to figure out if you have bed bugs or other bugs on your couch:

  • Look for signs of dead bed bugs.
  • Search for bed bug eggs. You might need a torchlight and magnifying lens to differentiate them. Dead bug skins and excrement usually surround them. These eggs will be pearly white and just like very tiny rice grains.
  • Look for bed bug exoskeletons. Bed bugs shed their skin from time to time. These skins look like the real bug but are translucent and pale.
  • Also, search for bed bug feces (excrement). They look like tiny black pepper drops.
  • You can also search for the actual live bed bugs.

Ensure to thoroughly check your couch, especially the cushions, the frame, and the region underneath. Also, pull out the cushion and check underneath the zip handle and any piping on the corners and sides of the cushion. Don’t forget that all folds and creases can also be good hiding spots for bed bugs.

Will they only exist inside your couch?

Naturally, if you deal with the infestation on the couch, you might think that they won’t spread to other areas of your home. However, chances are they are already there as bed bugs will preferably gravitate to your bedroom before the living room. Therefore, you must consider dealing with the infestation around your home as well.

How to deal with bed bugs in your couch

So you did check for bed bugs in the couch? Now what? The next step is to deal with the infestation. However, it would help if you didn’t rush into action by flipping the couch and trying to dust them right within your home. This might also spread the infestation further. You should carefully carry your couch outside your house, and if they escape outside your house, then that’s OK.

You can also shift the couch to the center of your room. Then secure your space by covering the cracks in the wall and under the doors to halt the spreading of bed bugs. Once you have secured the couch, the next thing is to deal with the infestation within the couch and around your home. Here are steps to do so:

  1. Vacuum: Using a high-powered vacuum cleaner, you should thoroughly vacuum the couch outside your home. Once done, dispose of the bag carefully and then vacuum your home. I recommend cleaning carefully and thoroughly about two times. You might also vacuum once or twice more after going through the other steps below.
  2. Bed bug sprays: After that, you can now use repellent sprays to spray around the couch and entire house. Follow the instructions on the spray to ensure that it is ideal for fabric and your entire home.
  3. Use bed bug traps:If you sleep on your couch, you can consider introducing bed bug traps on and around your couch while you sleep. This way, you act as bait, luring them towards you, but they will be caught in the trap.
  4. Steam treatment:You can also consider steam treatment for your couch and entire home to deal with the infestation.

Concluding thoughts

Should you check for bed bugs in the couch? Absolutely, just as you should also check for bed bugs around your bed and the entire home. Once you find signs of infestation, treat your couch and home as fast as possible to cut down the infestation. Bed bugs usually infest places such as your couch and bed first before the rest of the house, so it’s always an excellent idea to start dealing with the infestation by checking your couch occasionally.

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