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December 28, 2016 3 min read

Dogs are usually let out to roam in the yard during the warm months of the year in comparison to the months which are cold, and so it is quite possible for someone who takes a walk or jog outside to come across a stray dog in the spring or summer. The dog may be roaming the streets or be in your backyard. It is very crucial to familiarize yourself with the steps you need to take if you come across a stray dog.

Dogs can be exciting, dangerous and tricky to be with. You can never determine the type of dog you would meet till you get in contact with one. Sadly, dogs sometimes change when people interact with them and so scrutinizing a dog from afar so as to monitor their nature won’t help you know how to handle a stray dog.

Remain still

Dogs, unmindful of being playful or aggressive, will urged to jump, run and sometimes attack if you plan on moving suddenly or quickly. The most appropriate thing to do is to stand still when you come across a stray dog so it can smell you and aid the dog in realizing that you don’t plan on harming them. This way, the dog would understand that you are safe. Basically, they are more scared of seeing you in comparison to you seeing them.

Don’t allow the dog smell your hand

Never allow stray dogs to smell you hand, except you wish to get your hand bitten, ensure you never stretch your hand to a dog to smell you. If you happen to come across a stray dog and you are to stand still, ensure your hands are by your side, then there is more possibility of the dog smelling your hands. Never stretch your hands towards the dog or it might seem like a sign of violence or hostility. Just let the dog sniff you.

Once the dog realizes that they are not in any danger, the dog will place down its head or walk away. The dog lets you know things are fine by showing these signs, after that you can stretch your hands to pet it, but this must not be done after the dog is done checking you out.

Never run away

Dogs might chase people who run when they see them even if they are not aggressive just because they desire to play. If the dog is aggressive, they are certainly going to chase you if you plan on running away because running for them is a sign that urges them to chase back.

Carefully walk away from the dog slowly and ensure you don’t your back to the dog. Asides that ensure you never run even though you are far from the dog because dogs’ can chase you from afar with ease.

If you have pepper spray, use it if needed

Use any means needed to defend yourself if you are being attacked including kicking. Ensure your hand and face is protected.

Dogs are usually not dangerous on purpose, although if they are not home, afraid, hungry or handled inappropriately, they can be extremely dangerous. So is better to protect yourself and people around you the trying to save a stray dog might be dangerous. Once you and your family are secure, you can call up people from your local animal control to come assist you in watching the stray dog.