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January 14, 2017 2 min read

Mechanical, Chemical and Natural Cat Deterrents – Which Do You Prefer?

Truly, cats are adorable creatures yet they don’t always act like one. It is their nature to poop anywhere they feel comfortable. Most commonly, cat owners find it hard to look for the best solution to deter their pets from pooping elsewhere especially on their garden. Pooping is not the only problem with cats; sometimes, they also scratch trees and dig up soil destroying the plants to the extent. Sooner or later, you will see that your garden has become the shelter for your cat and other cats within the neighborhood.

In situation like this, cat deterrents are the most recommended solution. Although you can find several choices for cat deterrents in the market, you are not sure if all those really work. Cat deterrents that work are hard to find especially if you have lots of options. By making some tricks using an efficient cat deterrent, you can reclaim the dominance on your garden eliminating those destructive cats.

Without proper care for your garden plants, they are not likely to grow healthy and strong. One way of caring for them is using cat deterrents that work in preventing the animal from disturbing everything in your garden. Before investing to a cat deterrent, make sure that you have carefully read the label because other plant-based cat deterrent could be harmful once exposed for a long time. Sometimes they can also be fatal depending on the gravity of toxicity. Cat deterrents made of chemical ingredients can be dangerous so see to it that small children are safe from it. Deploy them somewhere in the garden that will not cause any harm to children or anyone in the family.

You can come up with a spiked fence that will protect your plants from possible destruction once a cat from the neighborhood jumped off towards your garden. In some instances, homeowners use security spikes made of plastic where cats find uncomfortable to walk on. Besides these, you may also prefer mechanical cat deterrents that work through alarm and remote systems. Most homeowners would have these in their garden for convenience. The good thing about mechanically made deterrents for cats is that you don’t have to monitor them regularly. You only need to make your hearing senses work because anytime of the day, it will make a sound as a signal for cat invasion. Actually, you can sleep all day without monitoring what’s going on with your garden because it does the work for you.

Natural Cat Deterrents

Cat Mace cat deterrent products are your best option if you want to have a cat-free garden. Maintaining the aesthetic value of your garden matters thus, you need to look for yourself a cat deterrent that works to your advantage. Choose the one that has long-term effect on cats keeping them away from your plants. Scare them away by chemical, natural or even mechanical cat deterrents are readily available for purchase. Prevent cats from their frequent visit on your garden leaving awful poops on the ground. Use Cat Mace cat deterrent products protect your territory and completely drive them away.