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December 07, 2017 2 min read

Repel Stray Cat from Flower Bed

If you were thinking stray cats won’t be a problem to your flower bed, think twice! Statistically speaking, over 5 million cats either get abandoned or stray away from their home. And, these cats need a place to rest; a place they can call their home. When they fail to find one, they improvise. It is not uncommon to see a family of cats lounging in the private gardens of homeowners.

Cat infestation can be a problem, and if it not quickly contained could escalate to heavy crisis. Their droppings, for instance, contain unfriendly pathogens which when they find their way into the soil could compromise the health of crops.

So, here are proactive steps to repel stray cat from your flower bed

  1. Soil Their Nose

Cats, just like humans, are repelled by certain unfriendly scents. And no, the smell of vinegar won’t stop them – you need something a little stronger to keep these felines where they belong. The scent of citrus make the stomach of cats kaput. If you have been having cat problems lately, get a bunch of citrus – preferably lime – slice them up and then throw the peels on your flower bed. Ensure the peels are sufficient enough to wade of any intruding feline, else your efforts would be defeated.

Peels of citrus, considering they can easily be washed off by rain, is a temporary solution. For a longer lasting solution, plant lavender and lemon thyme together with the plants on your flower bed. Cats hate the smell of these plant much more than they hate the smell of citrus. Even better, these repellent plants are rooted to the soil so they won’t be easily washed off.

  1. Use Decoy Strategy

Rather than using harsh repellent techniques, why not try something a little bit gentle. Stray cats are just unlucky set of creatures that crave love and warmth like we all do.

One effective decoy strategy to use is planting some of the stuff they like at some distance from the perimeter of your flower bed. Catnip, wheat grass, honeysuckle and lemon grass are some of the plants they can eat without getting filled.

These strategy may cost a little in time and resources, but if you have compassion in your heart this won’t be much of a problem. If these kitties have where to go find food, they won’t have a reason to trespass your beloved garden.

  1. Use Repellents

They are not only easy to deploy, they yield quick results. Cat repellents is the go-to solution for homeowners looking to quickly solve cat infestation problems. However, not all cat repellents are worth the effort, and not all are safe for use.

Consider investing in mechanical and sound actuated repellents. These type of repellents work by giving an intrusive cat a mild jolt, or scaring them away with a loud noise.

Cat MACE, a repellent designed and produced by Nature Mace, is not only cheap, it is effective. Compared with similar products in the market, Cat Mace is the best.

Repel Stray Cat from Flower Bed

So, if you want to deter stray cats from the flower bed without breaking the bank, go purchase Cat MACE.