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December 05, 2017 2 min read

Repel Stray Cat from Home

Not all cats are the same. There is the domestic cat, which we love to keep as pets at home, and there is the stray cat. Technically, there is no much difference between the two; only that the stray cat – or feral as some would regard it – is homeless.

Do you have anything to be worried about stray cats? Yes, a lot. Firstly, stray cats are heavily infected with pathogens and parasite, making them dangerous to come in contact with. If there is any lurking around your home, every single person in your home is at risk of contracting a deadly infection.

Second, stray cats have poor housekeeping habit, and so would mess your yard up whenever they come visiting.

That said, here are techniques to repel stray cats from your home

  1. Make Your Home Unattractive to Them

Let’s face; stray cats may peruse the yard around your home, but if there is nothing interesting to keep them, they will move along. But, if there is an attractant, they will happily turn your home to a snacking bar. Rubbishes, leftover foods, and even shiny, colorful items gets their attention. And once they have started it becomes an unbreakable habit.

Clear off all forms of attractants, and you will be grateful you did so.

  1. Motion Actuated Sprinklers

Cats don’t like being sprayed with water, especially if it is unexpected and sudden. Motion actuated sprinklers, as the name implies, shoot jets of water the instance the detect motion. The jets is so strong that it creates a stinging sensation on the victim. Even if the cat has gotten used to being bathed with water, it will feel discomfited when shot with pressurized jet of water.

Avoid placing the sprinkler where there is human movement, else it would keep picking the wrong signal.

  1. Use a Police Dog

Dogs and cats have never been friends, and there is no ending to this age long enmity. So, keeping a big dog at the entrance of your home will help keep these undomesticated felines away. This tactics won’t work if the police dog isn’t big enough to make an impression. Also, it won’t work if the dog is permanently latched to a fixed point.

  1. Use Predatory Urine

Feral cats in their years of roaming the wild have come across predators, and have learned to stay out of their path. This means the scent of a predator’s urine isn’t strange to them, and they know how to tell which is which. Coyote’s urine is particularly effective for this purpose. However, you will have to reapply the urine frequently as it gets washed off by the rain.

  1. Commercial Repellents

If nothing else works, use a spray repellent. Repellents, or deterrents if you wish to call them, play on the nose faculty and taste buds of cats. But, some repellents are not just effective, and some others are just too lethal. To avoid the headache of costly trial and error, go for Cat Mace. Cat Mace is a specially formulated cat deterrent that is affordable, and has a long lasting effect

Repel Stray Cat from Home