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December 08, 2016 1 min read

Rodent Sounds

The teeth of rodents are usually hard and they gnaw on hard objects in search of food. The noise produced during the gnawing process can reverberate through wherever they are and be heard in form of a heavy scratching.

The sound its claws produce can be heard as well. This sound can be heard in the walls or ceiling or might be produced while the rodent is trying to enter a home. Most times rodents claw when they are searching for food or a new place to build their nest.

If your home is infested by rats gnawing, scratching and clawing sounds could possibly be heard at the roof. These rodents love to live in high places therefore they are mostly found on trees and roof tops of houses. Squeaks would as well be heard in homes suffering from rodent infestation.

However, not all sound heard indicates the presence of rodents in a home. Other animals or building construction can as well produce noise like that of rodents. Once you begin to hear unusual sounds in your home contact a pest management professional who can tell if the sound is from pests.