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September 07, 2016 2 min read

Where to buy dog repellent is the focus of this article. Prior to knowing where to buy dog repellent, first it is important to have a deep understanding regarding this product. Dogs are wonderful God creations generally they are friendly, best companions and make you laugh and of course they are also beautiful to look at and most of all protect your family and belongings. In general that lot of good attributes to mention here.

But, the main question is, what if the dog is not friendly? What are the things you need to do to avoid confrontation on the street from a dog that wants to attack you? The most excellent way is to be ready and one effective way is to have a dog repellent, particularly when you know that there are loose dogs in your area. With dog repellent you will never need to feel threatened again if a strange dog approaches you. Where to buy dog repellent is also one of the common questions among bikers, walkers, mail carriers and delivery people. As a matter of fact, this is very good for those who are walking out on the street.

It has a Velcro-like attachment to safeguard the unit to a bicycle and also comes with a belt clip as well as key chain for fast access that is only what you like in case dog get nasty. Dog repellent sold in the market I EPA approved for humane protection opposed dog attack. It’s non-lethal and non-flammable and the effects last up to forty minutes, however with no long term effects on the animal. Dog repellent is pepper based, so it is an irritant to the mucous membrane of the dog. When sprayed, the dog will rub their eyes and most probably roll on the ground as of the irritation and pain. Certainly, they will not be thinking about you any longer. For your safety, dog repellent comes with a flip top security cap so you cannot accidentally press the red button when you hold the repellent backward.

Where to Buy Dog Repellent

Buying dog repellent from a local store is the best choice when you want to have it right now. Through this way, you don’t need to wait for it be delivered and could have fast access to the product. The issue with this is that a lot of local hardware stores and department stores know little to nothing regarding the product.

So, looking for the best repellent for your situation will be up to you. The thing to think about is that you can purchase the repellent from a store near you, then go ahead and do some study online and have a bottle or two on reserve, in case you need it.

Dog repellent will provide you additional protection from a problematic dog that tries to attack you. Squirt them in their face a few times and they will be down for the count. This will give you enough time to get away and call for help. With regards to where to buy dog repellent, the best thing to do is to visit local store near you.