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September 10, 2016 2 min read

Where to buy mouse repellent? Mice are irritable. They can just bring havoc to our lives buy ruining something that we bought, something of value and the likes. Through the years there are products developed to answer our growing frustrations with this creatures. There was the mouse catcher as an example to that. But now, that could just be never enough. Mouse repellent is more likely to be what we need.

As answer to our rodent problems a recent development has come to light. In the rodent repellent, there is now the Fresh Cab of the Earthkind. It’s a 12-pouch handy pack that protects rodent-prone areas. The scents keep the mice away and this product lasts for 90 days.

There is also the product sold by Primrose and Fulfilled Amazon which is a mice and rat repeller called PestBye Whole House Rat and Mice repeller. It is combination of both the elector-magnetic and ultrasonic technology. It has 2 pest control system – Ultrasonic Noise and Electro-Magnetic Interference. It has the capacity to cover up to 2000 sq. ft. This is also effective to some crawling insects.

The Outdoor Shop is offering a battery operated ultrasonic rat and mouse repeller – electronic repellent scarer. This mouse repellent device is inaudible to human ears and very ideal for homes, garages, outbuildings, greenhouses, sheds and loft spaces. It is safe to use and very easy to install as well. It can cover up to 2500 square feet.

Products from China of this repellent are also in demand.

RK Group is also venturing on Pest repeller. One of their products is the Prompt Ultrasonic Rodent/ Pest Repellent. Installation of this is easy and has free maintenance. It is non audible to human and has built-in automatic testing light. They guarantee as well that the rodents are not killed but rather they are only chased away.

Another supplier of mouse repellent is the eValuemart. They have this product which repels rat and mouse, mosquitoes and the likes. The product is known as RIDDEX Ultrasonic Electro Magnetic Pest Repellent Rat Spider Cockroaches Rat Ants Repeller.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Device for Rodent/Cockroaches/Ants/spiders is a product of Pest out. It is effective against cockroaches, ants, spider, silver fish and rats. The product is environmental friendly and non-toxic. It was tested in the USA and tried. It does not kill the pest but only drive them away so there won’t be dead rats to clean for you.

Mikado’s Organic Rat Repellent will also do you good with your rodent problems. This mouse repellent is organic, safe, maintenance free, economic and non-poisonous.

Ultrasonic Pest/Rodent/Rat/Mice Repeller sold by Prompt Pest Control Equipment is non audible to humans and is safe to use around children and pets. It has built-in LED indicator for proper operation confirmation and a detachable bracket for angle adjustments.

There are many corporations venturing to this mouse repellent product because we never cease to look for something to solve our rodent problems. Around the world they are everywhere for you to find and pick whenever you need.