Can cats smell bed bugs

Can cats smell bed bugs?

Can cats smell bed bugsFor better living and proper adaptation to the environment, every living creature explores the use of its sense organs. This same response of stimuli is also applicable to the cat like every other animal. Among the senses possessed by the cat, smell is one which distinguishes it and plays a very significant role in its behavioral pattern. Cats through the sense of smell can identify another cat’s territory by smelling its urine. In the feeding pattern, with the sense of smelling, they are able to ascertain that a meal is palatable or it contains toxic. For cats, smell is used also to determine sexual status, interactions and even socializing. All these are because their nose is very sensitive. This sensitivity is attributed to the approximately two hundred million odor-sensitive cells located in their nostrils.

Bedbugs smell vs cat detection

In view of how use relevant smell is to cat, many have considered the use of this sense in the detection of Bedbugs. Bedbugs are associated with a characteristic smell. This unpleasant, musty smell is produced by their scent gland makes the infested area possess odor similar to that of a damp towel, cloth or shoe. Though, the odor is more obvious and even be smelt even by humans when the infestation is increased. For humans, with less sensitivity when it comes to smell than cats, to detect this smell then cats can also.  As little as the infestation may be, Bedbugs could smelt by cats when given the right training.

How cat actually detects Bedbugs

Despite the fact that cat possess this great ability to smell when compared to humans. This is great prowess; cats may not be able to achieve much in the task of Bedbug detection with this ability is left crude. Experts with this consideration have begun training session for cats to modify their behavior. With these training, they tend to acquaint them with the smell of the Bedbugs and make them as them as arch enemies. This is achieved making cats pursue Bedbugs brought into the training arena. The cats are made to identify the Bedbugs by the use of laser pointer dot. Rewards are given to the cats for each successful task of killing a Bedbug. Over time, this turns out to become part of the cats’ behavior, seeking and exterminating the Bedbugs.

How to effectively deal with Bedbugs

Despite the success achieved in the behavioral modification of the cats, the reliance on it to completely deal with Bedbugs cannot be guaranteed. This can be attributed to the fact that not all the cats are successful with this training among a host of other reasons. On the other hand, the Bedbug infestation must be dealt with and this is what “Nature Mace” Bedbug killer provides. “Nature mace” Bedbug killer is the solution to every Bedbug infestation. It deals with Bedbugs even in their hiding position. No matter the stage or magnitude of the infestation, using “Nature Mace” would give that environment that is entirely Bedbug free.




  1. Ruth on September 29, 2022 at 6:29 am

    Wow , this is amazing & true , as I thought I had a bedbug issue & put a basket that was in close proximity to my sleeping area in the bathtub, when returning home from work 1 of my cats was on alert in the tub , sure enough a bedbug was crawling in the tub , in spite of the fact that I sprayed the basket with 99% rubbing alcohol, my cat still detected the pest , truly amazing, now I know for sure I need to call a professional pest removal company… Love My Cats

    • Sarah Rinaldi on September 30, 2022 at 12:04 pm

      We’re glad your cat was able to help! If you do need a natural and non-toxic solution our Bed Bug MACE is always here to help!

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