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July 16, 2013 2 min read

There are a wide variety of commercial deer repellents on the market, and it can be confounding to shop for the best one. This article will outline some of the deer repellents that work best, and help you find the best commercial deer repellent for your particular situation.

If you are reading this article, you probably have already determined that you have a deer problem. Perhaps they are eating your flowers, or your vegetables, trampling your grass, or rubbing their antlers on your trees. The amount of damage these otherwise peaceful looking animals can do to a yard in a matter of hours is astounding, but there are a variety of excellent methods to stop it in its tracks and prevent further run ins with these hungry nuisance animals.

The first thing to think about when choosing the best commercial deer repellent for your situation is what types of plants you are protecting. If the plants in questions include vegetables and fruits that will be consumed later, then it is important to choose one that will be safe, as well as not change the taste of the plants themselves. The best commercial deer repellent in spray form for this type of plant is one that contains putrefied egg solid. This will deter the deer with odor, because it reminds the deer of the smell of meat, which they instinctively avoid. This method is also quite effective for any type of plant, be it flowers or trees, but it must be applied regularly, especially after rain or watering. For this reason, some other repellents discussed below, might be good to consider for non-edible plants.

Egg solutions wash off of food plants easily and are safe for that purpose, but some people still do not want to have egg product on their future food. For these people, a motion activated sprinkler may be the best commercial deer repellent. These can be purchased and home and garden stores and online, starting at around fifty dollars. They are easy to install, hooking up to one’s hose, and then they detect motion from a deer, they turn on, startling the deer away with a spray of water. These are great gadgets to have for people who are too busy to reapply a spray, or who are often away from home for lengths of time. An added benefit, is that they water your vegetables each time they turn on! However, these are not practical solutions for spaces where water is not desirable, or where motion will be detected too frequently from waving tree limbs, passing cars, or people.

Best Commercial Deer Repellent

In order to protect plants that will not end up on a table, gardeners may decide that the best commercial deer repellent is one that contains a bittering agent. These sprays deter deer because they taste terrible. The down side is that they also taste terrible to humans, and the taste may not wash off. This is because some of the spray will be absorbs by the roots, and may make its way- taste and all- into the fruit or lettuce leaves.