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Best Rabbit Control

June 22, 2016 2 min read

best rabbit controlIn this article we will discuss the best rabbit controltechniques to consider. Pests and insects are not only those culprits that cause you major headaches and heartaches. Rabbits also exactly do the same leaving your garden and lawn damaged. These also munched your lilies and peas leaving you stressed out all the more.

If you believe that a rabbit causes problems in your lawn or garden, these are among the telltale signs of damage you would notice: nibbled stems and leaves on newly emerging or young plants and chewed bark of a tree, a fruit tree or a shrub.

As a gardener, this could mean of a challenge for your part keeping them away from eating the things you do not like them to eat.

For your counterintelligence effort, here are the best rabbit control techniques to consider:

Think Just like a Rabbit

Even though this may seem a common rabbit control technique, this is an essential thing for you to consider. Remember that a rabbit likely spend more time thinking of making bunnies. And since it is a timid creature, is prefers being fed in an area wherein it can take cover. To effectively reduce the rabbit damages, remove all its hiding places like the stone piles, brush piles and tall grass areas.

Wrap or Cover the Plants Using a Garden Fabric

Just get focused on the targeted coverage and wrap or cover the plants using a garden fabric. Better yet, make use of a fabric material to help support the fabric. This is a one easy and quick way to protect the bed of salad greens or broccoli.

Ensure that the fabric is securely anchored on the four sides. And, make use of ¾ inch mesh fencing or a chicken wire or mesh wire. This will help encircle the plants and create that protective tunnel for a row.

In order that the landscape plants and trees are secure against nibbling, take the time to wrap the bottom area of the trunk. Make use of a three-fourth inch mesh fencing or hardware cloth that is a foot above the winter snow levels. Just like other fencing solutions out there, it is rather a good idea to extend it below the soil surface.

Make Use of Repellents

You must make use of repellent sprays that can help break the feeding cycle of most rabbits. With these sprays, you give young plants the time to grow ahead of the rabbits. But, you still need to re-apply them several days.

Fencing that Deters Jumping and Means Protection

With a two-inch fence of poultry mesh, it naturally solves the issue. But, it should be one-inch smaller and should be extended down into the soil that helps discourage burrowing.

In case that your problem is a jackrabbit, you can just set up a fence and make it a little taller. Or, if you want, just install an electric fencing that makes a perfect investment. This is particularly true if you experience woodchuck issues. This can now help protect your plants!