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June 23, 2016 2 min read

In this article we will discuss the best rabbit deterrent. Rabbits are known to be very adorable and cute living creatures. They can be everyone’s pet. You will surely love to have and keep one in your house. But once these adorable rabbits discover a garden, they can turn out to be a threat and can really be annoying. That is because of the fact that rabbits love to eat vegetables and new shoot; you want to stop them but you can’t for the reason that they do it rapidly.

The fact that rabbit can cause a lot of damage in a very short period of time can be bothering. Because of this, you need to get rid of the rabbits out of your garden to see the best out of it. There are so many ways on how to get rid of this adorable yet sometimes annoying rabbits. When it comes to rabbit deterrent, there are so many choices, like using repellents. Repellent is one of the most used and highly effective means of getting rid of rabbits in a garden. When it comes to repellents there are lots of choices. Here are some of the best rabbit repellent wherein you can use to get rid of the rabbits in your garden.

  1. Spray on Repellents- these are the most widely used deterrent by many garden owners. These spray on repellents are the best when it comes to protecting important crops in the garden. A good example of this spray repellent that are very effective is the Defenders brand, it covers a large are for its reasonable price.

  2. Ultrasonic Pest Repellent’s- rabbits have a very sensitive sense of hearing; they have the ability to hear high pitched noises that humans cannot hear. Ultrasonic pest repellent makes a very loud and high pitched sound that could make very uncomfortable surroundings for the rabbits. One of the best kind of this repellent is the Garden Pest Repeller.

  3. Light and Strobe Repellents- animals like rabbits’ hate lights that are unnatural, they will definitely run away from it. Strobe and light repellents are great tool for scaring away rabbits from your garden, it can be used with areas that are large and can be also used for small areas. This is a high powered strobe that will really annoy the rabbits not just rabbits but also people. There are famous and best brand for strove and light repellents available in the market today.

Best Rabbit Deterrent

There are lots of repellent choices that can be used in scaring and getting rid of the rabbits from the garden. There are also herbs that can be used in staying them away from the crops. There are lots of plants or herbs that can be used as a repellent, if you are looking for a repellent that will not let you spend a big money, herbs are the best. Herbs or plants like the lavender, thyme, oregano and even mint can be used as a repellent. It is very effective and efficient in getting rid of rabbits, also it is not that expensive like other repellents.