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March 09, 2016 2 min read

Mice repellent, deterrent, traps, and poisons can be bought almost anywhere, because mice are a widespread problem for homeowners and landlords all over the world. When looking into where to buy mice repellent products, one of the very best places to look is online. Large online retailers like Amazon can offer numerous advantages over going to the store. First of all, they have the largest variety of available product to choose from, as well as the largest number of sizes, so there will be a product for every size problem. Another advantage to shopping online for mice repellents is that online retailers often have a large number of customer reviews. Prospective buyers can carefully read what other people have had to say about product, including pros and cons as far as effectiveness, promptness of delivery, quality of the packaging, and just about any other question, complaint or compliment one could think of. This kind of information only comes from honest experience, and it will not be found in product descriptions or on labels.

An excellent mouse repellent product is peppermint oil, so where to buy mice repellent product with peppermint oil depends on how one wants to use it. For example, some people would want to mix a solution of water and peppermint oil to spray themselves. To shop for pure peppermint oil, one can, again, go online, or make a trip to a convenient health food store. Peppermint oil can also usually be found in grocery stores in the cooking aisle, particularly around the holidays when people are making homemade peppermint candy. Sometimes peppermint oil is sold in the alternative medicines sections, since some people swear by its medicinal qualities.

Many people will prefer to use a premade mouse repellent that is infused with peppermint oil. This saves the trouble of making one from scratch, and it has the advantage or researched and tested formulas, sometimes with added ingredients for more effectiveness. These types of repellents are useful, and where to buy mice repellent products like this is usually also online. Peppermint infused mouse repellent is available online in both spray form and in pellet form.

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The pellets are best used outside, where they won’t have to be cleaned up, and the sprays can be used either inside or outside. Any repellent made with the active ingredient of peppermint oil or spearmint oil is not only effective, but safe and nontoxic for houses with children or pets, and it is also safe for the environment. It can be used in garden with food plants to keep mice and other pests from eating your vegetables and fruit, with no ill effects to the plants. When used outside, sprays have to be reapplied more frequently because of rain and sprinklers.

Overall, where to buy mice repellent products really does not come down to one choice, since there are so many varieties and options for repelling mice. However, large online retailers tend to have the biggest selections as well as customer reviews, so you can’t go wrong starting there to explore available products.