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March 03, 2016 2 min read

Regardless of where you live and what type of house or residence you call home, your house is vulnerable to mice and other rodents. That is because mice live everywhere that humans do, and there is no house that is completely mouse proof. Where to buy the best mice repellent is an important piece of knowledge to have when you are faced with a mouse in hour house.

There are numerous places to shop for mouse repellents both online an in your town. Because mice are so common, almost any store from groceries to corner drugstores, hardware stores, and of course, larger retailers like Walmart and Home Depot, will have a variety of mouse control products. Many of the go to solutions as smaller stores include poisons and traps. While these are somewhat simple, they are also hazardous. Poisons are obviously hazardous to use in homes that have pets or small children who run a risk of getting into things, but poisons can also be hazardous for the environment when they enter the groundwater supply. Traps can also be hazardous, especially the traditional spring loaded ones, which can cause very painful injuries if accidentally sprung on a finger or toe, or paw of a family pet.

A nontoxic mice repellent is an excellent alternative to the above mentioned mouse control devices, and mice repellents are available in several safe varieties. The places where to buy the best mice repellent are typically the larger retail stores or online, as the smaller corner stores usually have only poisons or traps. Liquid spray repellent uses odors and tastes that are repellent to mice and other rodents like rats and even squirrels, but they are pleasant to humans. The most common and effective ingredient for mouse repellents is peppermint oil, but a variety of other oils can also be used, either alone or in combination. Spearmint oil and cinnamon oil are two other common active ingredients. The essential oils work because they are too strong for the sensitive nasal membranes in a mouse or rat’s nose, but they won’t harm any animals, they will only deter the mice away. Applying the repellent around the perimeter of your house will discourage them from entering, and of course, using this type of repellent will not be a cause of concern for your own pets or children. The mouse repellents made out of essential oils are also available in a solid pellet like formula, which can be sprinkled around the perimeter of houses and sheds outside. It is biodegradable and safe to use around any type of plants.

Another style of mouse repellent uses supersonic sounds. Of course, these also are safe to use in homes that have beloved pets and youngsters, and also the noise is usually not audible to humans, or most pets.

Where to buy the best mice repellent, therefore, sometimes is simply by going online. However, many grocery stores and health food stores carry the essential oils, which can be used on their own as effective repellents, and larger retailers will carry the spray bottles of mouse repellents that are infused with the essential oils and ready to use right out of the bottle.

Where to buy the best mice repellent