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March 01, 2016 2 min read

There will, unfortunately, come a time in almost every homeowner’s life when where to buy the best mouse repellents is the most important question of the day. Mice can be a very embarrassing problem to have, because most people equate them with a dirty or unkempt home, although that is not the case at all. Any home in vulnerable to mice, even the most well kept. The simple fact is that mice live everywhere that people do, and no home is completely guarded against mice- they can chew and squeeze into the tiniest holes and crevices, climb through walls, or slip through vents.

That said, they are still unwanted and that is why there are so many places to buy mouse repellents, and such a wide variety of options to choose from to solve any mouse or rodent problem. Rodent feces can spread germs and diseases and they contaminate food, chew up walls, and make nests in attic insulation. So where to be they best mouse repellents isn’t very complicated for a problem as common as mice. Most grocery stores, large retailers, hardware stores, and online retailers sell a variety of product to get rid of mice. Some are traps, others are poisons, and others are repellents.

Mouse repellents are a variety or solutions that appeal to the home owner who either insists on not harming the mice, or who has concerts about traps or poisons hurting pets or children. Live traps can also be a humane way to capture the mice, but it also involves releasing them away from one’s home.

Where to buy the best mouse repellents online is probably Amazon, although there are a lot of online retailers that carry a large variety of mouse repellents. Amazon is reliable and offers extensive reviews of many of the products sole on its site. Most of the mouse repellents available include sprays or pellets and are infused with essential oils that are nontoxic, safe for the environment, but repellent to mice and other rodents due to their odor. The most common essential oils included in these products are mint, such as spearmint oil and peppermint oil, or strong spices like cinnamon oil. These oils, while quite pleasant for humans, are too strong for delicate mouse noses, and so when sprays or sprinkles around the perimeter of ones home (varieties come in products to use either outsides or indoors), the mice will avoid crossing the barrier created by the repellent.

Another type of mouse repellent uses ultrasonic sounds. Of course, these are also safe to use in homes that have beloved pets and children, and the noise is typically not audible to humans, or even pets. This is because the ultrasonic devices usually have adjustable levels for the type of animal it should repel, so set on the rodent setting, pet dogs and cats should not be bothered.

Where to buy the best mouse repellents , therefore, usually means a quick logon to Amazon. However, stop into your local grocery or convenience store, and you are also very likely to see an array of available mouse repellents for various needs.