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February 28, 2016 2 min read

There are an almost endless variety of techniques which can assist a frustrated homeowner with forgetting about the common issue of mice. Rodents can bring about large numbers of problems, so it is important for any homeowner to know how to stop mouse problems. Once mice show up in a house, they can create a lot of problems. They can harm furniture, or bite wires in the houses, which may lead to electrical problems or even fires, and they can also carry diseases and fleas (and fleas carry more diseases!).

In order to stop mouse problems, the first thing homeowners can do is to seal off any water food sources, especially if there are telltale signs of mice, such as chewed paper or droppings. Clean any surfaces thoroughly and store food that comes in cardboard or paper packaging in a refrigerator or airtight container. For mice, food means not only human food, but pet food, bird food, even dried flower arrangements and similar products that mice might like to eat. Homeowners should also attempt to seal off any holes or passageways that may have been giving the mice entrance to one’s home.

Once these steps are complete, one can stop mouse problems with repellents, traps, poisons, cats, or dogs, or any combination of these methods. For the homeowner who wants to use an environmentally safe repellent that is also humane and safe for use around pets and children, there are a variety of repellents on the market that are made with peppermint oil or spearmint oil as their active ingredients. These repellents work because the peppermint oil is too much for sensitive little mouse noses, and they will be repelled from any area sprays with peppermint oil. These oils will also deter rats and squirrels.

Another way to stop mouse problems is by using traps. There are a few types of traps available- the traditional spring loaded trap with cheese bait is not only for the cartoons. These can be bought for just a few dollars at almost any store. These traps can kill on contact, and are usually thrown out with the mouse. Another type of trap is the glue trap, which is so sticky that mice (and sometimes insects and even snakes) will stick to the trap unable to escape. Although some people claim that the mice can be freed with vegetable oil, the idea is to trap them an either allow them to die or to kill them and dispose of them. For the homeowner who is skittish about killing mice, live traps are available too. Once mice are caught in a live trap, they should be release far away from one’s home—across water if possible—to avoid having a welcome home reunion with them.

Rid your home of Mice

Another way stop mouse problems, is, of course, a young cat. Cats are very good at catching mice, snakes, and other small nuisance animals, and for animals lovers who don’t want a cat, rat terriers and similar dogs can do the same to stop mouse problems.