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February 27, 2016 2 min read

Mice can be a terrible nuisance to have in your home in more than one way. Mice will chew their way through household wires, food packaging, they can spread diseases, and carry fleas into your house. The droppings they leave behind are not only disgusting to clean up, but they are also dangerous because they can be contaminated with any variety of diseases that are transmittable to humans. The first step to ridding your house of a mouse problem is knowing where to buy the best mice repellents.

Of course, before using any kind of mouse repellent, it is important to make your house as inhospitable to mice as possible. This means tightly sealing up any kind of food or water source that might be attracting them in the first place: human food, pet food, bird food, and even things like dried flowers made out of plant material. Sealing off any known holes into the house will help prevent mice from entering as well. These mouse entrances are typically found around pipes and HVAC vents, in attics and basements.

Any large stores such as Target, Walmart, or home improvement and hardware stores will have various mouse control products. Besides traps and poisons, nontoxic mouse repellents are a good alternative, especially to use in homes that have pets or children, to ensure the safety of them. While in general, repellents are a little bit less effective than traps and poisons, they do work, and combined with keeping food sealed, holes stopped up, and some basic scare tactics (maybe a cat or dog, or radios and lights where the mice are leaving evidences), they will do the trick in a harmless and humane way.

Mouse repellents come in a few kinds of forms, including liquid sprays and pellets. The liquid sprays are excellent for areas where pellets would look messy and eventually have to be cleaned up. May of the liquid mouse repellents are safe to use insides, on floors or baseboards. Of course, any product should be carefully tried out on inconspicuous places on floors and furniture to test that it will not stain or otherwise damage material or paint. Mouse repellent in spray form is often composed with essential oils such as mint oils, which have repelling properties. Large stores and online retailers are excellent places to look for where to buy the best mice repellents in liquid form.

Best mice repellents

The pellet forms of mouse repellents are also usually made out of essential oils, peppermint oil and spearmint oil being a very common ingredients for mouse repellent. The pellets are excellent for outside use, or in attics where a little bit of a mess will not matter. Used outside, mouse repellent pellets will not need to be cleaned up because the ones made of essential oils are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment. They will also not harm garden plants. Like the liquid forms, large stores or online stores and retailers like Amazon are the best places to look where to buy the best mice repellents.