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August 13, 2013 2 min read


Commercial deer repellent is one of many options for homeowners who are struggling with nuisance deer destroying their landscape and eating their home grown fruits and vegetables. Spray-on deer repellent can be very effective for deterring deer from just about any type of plant, and it can be made at home, or bought commercially. For busy homeowners, or gardeners who do not want to deal with the hassle of making a mixture at home or with handling raw eggs, a commercial product can be every bit as effective, as long as you know what to look for on the ingredients label.

Gardeners have many options for choosing a commercial deer repellent for gardens, and it can be difficult to determine which one will be the most effective for deterring deer, the safest for plants and people, and the easiest to use. Chemical free options are the best option, especially for homes with pets, children, and for gardens with vegetables and fruits that will be consumed.

The most popular and effective deer repellent for gardens is a mixture of raw eggs or egg solid in water that is sprayed or sprinkled directly on the plants that need protection from hungry deer. When looking at commercial deer repellents, one should especially look for something that contains “putrescent whole egg solids,” for the best-expected results. Other chemical-free ingredients on the labels may include an oil or oils such as rosemary oil or mint oil, which are typically usually added to help the deer deterrent cling onto the leaves of the plants. Water, gum, and preservatives are also common ingredients to expect in a commercial deer deterrent, and those are added not to deter the deer, but to help the deterrent (the egg part of the mixture) work better, last longer, and to achieve the best strength. Any deer deterrent should be reapplied after it rains or after watering with a sprinkler, or when new growth appears on the plants. Commercial deer deterrent can be purchased in both a concentrated strength version or in ready-to-use concentrations, and is available in gardening stores, home improvement stores, and also through many online retailers.

Another variety of commercial deer repellent for gardens is pellets made from coyote or wolf urine, or mixtures with the same ingredients. These are available from some hunting and gaming stores, and on the Internet. While they have been shown to be somewhat effective, this method is not without drawbacks of controversy. For example, the methods for protracting the urine from the animals is thought by some to be inhumane. Additionally, they emit a very strong and unpleasant odor, which repels deer, but is also offensive to humans. Finally, they are more expensive and generally acknowledges to be less effective than an egg mixture, and no one wants to spray their fruit and vegetables with urine.

Commercial Deer Repellent Why You Should Use

In summary, while there are many commercial deer repellent products available, from electronic systems to sprays, the most effective ones will be the spray-on deterrents that contain putrescent egg solids.