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March 20, 2016 2 min read

Are your tired of seeing deer who are keep on roaming around your yard and chewing your favorite plant in your garden? If yes then it is time to think of the best deer deterrent. With the deer deterrent, it will surely give you the best opportunity to make sure that deer will go away from causing certain distraction to your garden. Deer deterrent is undeniably the best choice to keep the deer away. Read on this article for you to be able to know some of the top deer deterrent

Deer Fences: Deer fences is one of the top option if you are looking for the top means to stop the deer from entering the area that they are not allowed. This is an ideal option to make sure that they will not be on areas that they should not be. It is so nice to see Bambi walking down the yard but once you see them chomp and chew that tulips and roses then you will surely feel depress.

With the deer fences, it is considered as one of the top deer deterrent that will prevent them to do whatever they do. Deer fences are an ideal choice to make sure that deer will not be able to go to the areas like your garden. As the owner of the garden, the deer fences will tell them that they are not allowed to do so.
Electric Fence is also another choice to keep the Bambi away from your garden. On the other hand, if are type of a person who does not want any animal to be hurt with electricity then this may not be the right option to keep in mind.

Select the Right Plant: Stocking your garden with tasty threats is another thing that you should avoid if there are deer roaming around the area. This is because they will surely eat all of the plants that are edible and tasty to their taste buds. You should not think of planting pansies, impatients, hostas, peas, beans and English IVY, unless you want them to consume them.

Deer Sprays: Another way on how to can keep the Bambi away from your favorite plants then it is a good options if you will use deer sprays. As you know, deer sprays are very effective as these will release scents and smell that deer does not like. If you will spray these on some of the plants they will surely doesn’t like to be in that area anymore.

Deer Deterrent

Deer Equipment: There are also several deer equipment or alarms that you can use to get rid of the deer. With this equipment, it releases sounds that are not friendly into their ears. Once they have the attempt to enter or go near the area, all you need to do is to push or turn on the control to keep them away. With the above mentioned deer deterrent, it can be the best option to make sure that they will go out of the area wherein they are a not allowed to.