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September 13, 2021 2 min read

Bed bugs- The name says it all. Bed bugs are usually found in the bed or in the bed sheet where they can get all the temperature and most importantly, they can’t be found over there. Some of the people also find bed bugs in other places except for the bed. Therefore, you might have a question Do bed bugs live in carpet?

As you know bed bugs are generally found the bed. The reason why they live in the bed is that there is bit warm over there. No one is there to disturb them. Also, along with all of these, they can’t be found over there or it is simply difficult to find the bed bugs. Therefore, they choose to build their homes in bed.

Bed Bug Treatment for Carpets

In the same way, they also live in the carpet. Now, many people thing why Do bed bugs live in carpet. This is because they are always looking for some rough surface where they can build their homes. Just like the bed, carpet is another perfect place where they can build their home. They will get the warmth; it is easier to find the food over there also. Moreover, there is no one to disturb the bed bugs in the carpet. Hence, they can also reside in the carpet also.

People have this common misconception where they think, bed bugs only live in the bed. However, it is completely not true. They will choose to live anywhere they find dense place and a rough place. Therefore, you need to take special care of everything in order to prevent the bed bugs from building their house.

But wait, there is an advantage also

On the other hand, for the people who are having the modern thin carpet, you are in a little advantage over here. Bed bugs often choose the place where they can go dense inside and hide whenever they see any trouble or disturbance. The modern carpet is thin and also the material isn’t much dense. Therefore, it is difficult for them to live in such places. As a result, your new modern carpet is safe from the bed bugs. It is recommended that you still take proper care and if you find the bed bugs, you should remove it before they build their homes and start expanding.

Final words

Do bed bugs live in carpet

To summarize, yes bed bugs can easily be found in the carpet as long as it is dense. The reason why Do bed bugs live in carpet is only because of the dense material and a place to hide. In other words, any place similar to the bed or carpet, bed bugs can build their homes over there. So, you should get rid of the bed bugs as soon as possible. The easiest way you can remove the bed bugs from the carpet is putting the carpet in the hot water for more than 30 minutes. Keep it in the heat to make it dry and the bed bugs will disappear.

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