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September 12, 2021 2 min read

Bites from bugs make us feel uncomfortable for a lot of reasons. You sometimes wonder where they come from and how they multiplied to the infestation level. As you try to unravel this mystery, other questions about them are also waiting to be answered, one of which is, “Which blood type attracts bugs?”

Have you ever been in a situation where it felt as though you were the only one being bitten by the bugs in that area? Wives have had this experience with bed bugs. Friends have had this experience with mosquitoes while hanging out with other friends. It seems everyone has been here at one point in time or the other.

This has prompted a number of question from concerned folks, one of which is centered around what blood type attracts bugs.

What Blood Type Attracts Bugs

Before now, scientists believed that differing levels of sensitivity was the reason why some people got bitten more often than the others. This was generally accepted until recently when new research discovered fresh answers to the question that had lingered for so long.

Just as there are scents that repel several bugs, there are also scents/smells that attract them. This is true for most types of man-biting insects/bugs, ranging from mosquitoes to bed bugs and even horseflies. Most of the research has been centered around the world’s notorious man-eater and man-killer, the mosquito.

Results from research made suggest that between 15 – 20 per cent of us are more attractive to these bugs because of a number of reasons, one major being our blood type.

Most of these bugs require blood for survival. Female bed bugs need to feed on blood regularly to keep up their reproductive rate. The same goes for female mosquitoes too. Yes, they suck all types of blood. However, a particular type has been discovered to be the preferred one. And this is Blood Type O.

Most bugs use different mechanisms to identify various types of blood types. If you have been wondering, bugs use moisture detectors and even distinct chemicals to identify this specific blood type. There are quite several reasons why bugs prefer this blood type, chief amongst them is how ‘universal’ this type of blood is.

Clinical Studies Bug Bites

In experiments conducted under controlled settings, mosquitoes were seen to prefer people with Type O blood. These O blood type people are almost twice as likely to be bitten when compared to those with Type A blood. Of course, we have no power in deciding what kind of blood type we have.

However, we have the power to determine how to deal with these bugs effectively. If you have a Type O blood, you don’t have to endure bites from these bugs forever. It’s not the license to suffer mosquito bites and bed bug bites for ever.

Now that you know what blood type attracts bugs, you should also make the necessary moves to prevent incessant bites. With the help professionals, you can completely eliminate these bugs from your environment. Remember, how often you have to deal with bug bites should depend solely on how you exterminate them, not your blood type.