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March 15, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat bark? They eat far too many things destroying whatever they find in their path. So, it’s a good thing to wonder what they may or may not eat.

Many animals eat the bark and wood of shrubs and trees. This is on coincidence. The bark contains many nutritious foods that their specialized digestive systems can use to generate the nutrients they need. Insects like termites, bark beetles, and wood borers are commonly known for feeding on wood and bark. But what about mammals like deer? Do deer eat bark?

Bark as deer essentials

Deer is one among a great list of mammals that eat bark. Beavers, mice, and elephants are examples of other animals on a woody diet. Deer eat a woody diet of bark, twigs, and other foliage in winter. They can feed on the bark, especially young trees, and can stand up to 6-feet to get any other palatable food source. However, some evergreens like boxwood are no favorite to deer.

Nevertheless, deer can also cause damage to your evergreens by rubbing their buck on them. This can kill all sorts of trees quicker than even deer feeding habits.

It is no wonder; some recent studies also state that the overabundance of deer threatens the survival of millions of acres of forest land in the Northeastern United States.

How to protect your tree from deer


A fence of about e-foot can keep a jumping deer out of your property. This is especially important if you are installing a wire or electric fence. However, you can also use two parallel wooden walls of 4 to 6 feet high with 4 to 5 feet between them.

Individual fencing

You can also construct individual tree guards to protect your young trees. You can make a homemade collar out of PVC piping. You can also use tree shelters, bud caps, wire cylinders, or bud caps for protecting individual trees. Cages fashioned from chicken wire can also serve as effective deer deterrents.


Repellents are also a great way to keep deer out of your land. You will need to reapply once it rains or snows. You also need to apply on new growth and after you’ve watered your plants. We recommend changing your repellents periodically to prevent deer from becoming too familiar with one repellent brand.

Hazing or frightening deer

You can also use scare tactics to keep deer from coming into your garden. Some hazing methods include loud noises such as gas explosions, firearm blanks, light or noisemakers such as radio, motion-activated sprinklers. Deer become accustomed to hazing techniques quickly. So if you want to use this method, you need to change them from time to time.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat bark? Yes, they do eat the bark of trees and shrubs, especially during the winter months. Deer will mostly feed on evergreen trees and shrubs in the area, thereby decreasing their yields. To protect your trees, make sure to use at least three deer deterrent methods together.

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