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February 26, 2021 2 min read

 Deer eats a wide variety of things, but what about viola plants? This article will talk about viola plants and pansies.

Viola plants are gorgeous annuals that produce edible flowers that we love on our salads. They come in vibrant shades of salmon, purple, blue, and pink blooms. That’s why they are excellent bedding plants and also work well in hanging baskets and elevated pots. You can also enjoy them as decorations in wedding cakes or as garnish and salads.

If you want to plant viola plants, then you must know the pests to look out for. One question to ask is – do deer eat viola plants?

Deer and viola plants

Unfortunately, deer love eating pansies and violas. You may need to guard them from deer invasion. Plus, your viola plants require fertilization at the early stages. Deer are attracted to newly fertilized plants. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent deer from having their way with your viola plants.

Here are some ways to keep deer away from your viola plants.


Repellents are your first line of protection against deer. Make sure you begin using them as early as possible before deer start browsing on them. You should also reapply repellents often, especially after new growth or when it rains or snows. We also recommend rotating between two repellents to keep them from becoming habituated.

Hazing or frightening deer

You can also use hazing techniques to frighten deer from your garden. Consider sudden, loud noises such as gas explodes or firearm blanks—lights and noise-makers like radio and motion-activated sprinklers to protect against deer. However, deer quickly get used to these scare tactics. It is best to rotate your scare tactics to keep up the surprise.

Protective structures

You can also fashion cages from wire or deer netting to protect small areas. This will protect your begonias while allowing ample sun to maintain a healthy bloom. However, take care that you install these structures effectively, so they don’t damage your begonias.


Fencing is also a great way to protect your entire property from deer. In such cases, consider installing a fence about 8 feet tall. You can also use a double wall of a 45-degree slanted fence. This fencing type can be only 6 feet. Electric or wire fencing are also excellent choices, but they must be at least 8 feet tall.

Other Concerns

Viola plants are mildly poisonous to domestic animals. They cause mild stomach upset to pets and animals. So, if you have dogs or cats in your area, you should cultivate them far from your home. Else, you can use them in hanging and elevated pots and baskets.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat viola plants? Yes, they do. Protecting your viola plants from deer invasion is highly important. However, no deer deterrent method is entirely sufficient. Therefore, you may experiment a lot before finding the right techniques for your property. Furthermore, you need at least two to three deer deterrent methods to protect your viola plants from deer for good.

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