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February 24, 2021 2 min read

Deer is a cause of worry for many suburban and exurban gardeners. These somewhat ‘majestic’ creatures are greedy eaters and can eat almost anything that comes their way. Suppose you live in an area with high deer population. In that case, you may consider creating a garden that actively keeps deer away. One such plant that may come to mind is vinca plants.

Vinca, also called Madagascar periwinkle, is a gorgeous annual that can be used to create a container garden or around your property’s borders. They can also be used as a house plant with varieties filling all plant niches. If you cultivate vinca plants, expect their flowers from late spring to frost, although you will have most of the flowering in hot weather. Most growers, especially love vinca plants because they require minimal fuss and can withstand drought. Still, the most critical question you have is – do deer eat vinca flowers?

Deer and vinca-flowers

Deer do not like vinca flowers because of their pungent scents. They don’t also like the glossy green foliage. Besides deer, rabbits will also stay away from this plant. Other flowering plants that are equally deer-resistant include bleeding heart, coneflower, corydalis, lavender, daffodils, coreopsis, lungwort, poppy, winter aconite, etc. Nevertheless, no plant is entirely deer-proof, so you may consider using other tactics to deter deer completely. Let’s talk about easy ways you can safeguard your precious flowers and other plants from deer.

Deer fencing

Installing a fence around your entire property is an excellent way to keep deer out. But it might be cost-prohibitive if you have a substantial property to consider. In such cases, you may consider installing deer fencing around select areas. The favored material for such fencing type is black polypropylene mesh. In any case, the height of your fence may climb as high as 7 feet. Deer has a problem with perceiving depth, so when you use black mesh, it is challenging for them to discern your fence’s top.


Repellents can also help you keep deer away, but you need to apply them religiously. You will need to use repellents whether it rains or snows and after every new growth. We also recommend rotating between two or three deer repellent mixes to keep deer from becoming accustomed to your repellents.

Scare tactics

Motion-activated sprinklers, blasts of noise, and scarecrows are excellent ways to frighten and keep deer out. Wind chimes, gas explodes, firearm blanks, and radios are also great selections. But, deer can become accustomed to scare tactics quickly. So you need to use these tactics in combination with other deer deterrent methods. Your dog can also serve as a way to protect your plants against deer, but dogs are also liable to cause damage and need care.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat vinca flowers? No, they don’t. Deer will leave your vinca flowers alone, regardless of the variety you choose. However, no plant is entirely deer-proof. So you may want to consider these deer deterrent techniques to safeguard your hard work from deer invasion.


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