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February 13, 2021 2 min read

Do deer eat vinca? This tropical plant is a popular choice among growers for many reasons. First, vinca is drought tolerant and can grow well in a fairly dry land. You can have it on your property as ground covers, borders, or in containers.

Also called small periwinkle, vinca flourishes throughout the summer and is known for its gorgeous flowers. You can have them in pink, purple, white, and red varieties. If vinca is your choice, then you might ask the question – do deer eat vinca?

Vinca as deer-deterrent plants

Deer dislike vinca and will not eat them except when very hungry. Therefore, growing vinca might be a great way to repel deer from your garden. Natives also talk about using vinca to mask the scent of other precious vegetables that deer may find as favorites.

However, no plant is entirely deer-proof, so your vinca plants can become deer food under certain conditions. Suppose you also have a high-deer population in your area. In that case, you should consider other deer deterrent methods to keep deer away.

Controlling deer behavior in your gardens


Repellents are your first line of defense against deer invasion. With the right repellents, you can effectively protect your plants as early as possible before deer browse on them. However, you need to reapply your repellents religiously, especially after it rains or snows. You also need two or three different repellent mixes. We recommend rotating between three of them to keep deer out.

Make a deer-resistant garden

Besides your vinca plants, you can also add other deer-resistant plants to increase your garden’s ‘unappealing’ nature to deer. Consider using plants such as yarrow, ageratum, geraniums, ornamental onions, coneflower, heliotrope, wax begonia, columbine, daffodil, etc.

Protective structures

Young vinca plants are susceptible to deer damage, just like any other plant. Therefore you should protect them from deer damage. For a temporary solution, consider using cages made from deer netting or chicken wire. Alternatively, you can install a fence around your property to keep deer out. Ensure you are using a wall of about 8-feet high, whether you choose an electric or wooden fence. You can also use a shorter fence if you opt for a double or slanted fence. For double fencing, erect your barrier about 4 to 5 feet high with a few inches between both walls.


Hunting is also an excellent way to keep deer out of your property. If you are not a hunter, you can partner with deer hunters in your area. However, every place has its distinct hunting regulations. So, it would be best if you found out more about the rules in your region before opting for this option.


Do deer eat vinca? No, they don’t. Vinca plants are considered one of the best deer-resistant plants you can cultivate. Some growers also use vinca plants to mask other plants. However, no plant is entirely deer-proof. So you need to consider your options carefully. We recommend using the protective measures outlined above alongside your vinca plants to deter deer effectively. You can also click here for a list of plants Plants Rated by Deer Resistance.

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