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July 09, 2020 2 min read

Deer eat grass, flowers, weeds, twigs, vegetables, fruits, nuts…a lot of things! But, the majority of their food is plants and its produce, so fruits like tangerine are a real treat to them. So if a deer were to come across tangerines- whether they fell from your tree or are growing on low branches enough for them to reach it, they will eat it.

Are Tangerines Nutritional to Deer?

Tangerines are not exactly part of the deer diet as it is only accessible to them when it falls to the ground, but it is very healthy for them to eat as it contains water and vitamins that are essential to their growth. Just like humans, deer need their vitamins too, and if they have to steal it from your fruit garden to get it, then so be it. Asides from the nutrients, tangerines are easy for Deer to digest, more so than several other fruits like apples. Don’t be surprised to find chewed up tangerine strewn all around because if the deer is not very hungry, they could chew it up, suck out the juice and throw it out.

If you run wildlife, tangerines are a healthy addition to their diet if you have a solid supply of tangerines. As a gardener, you might not have a problem with deer eating your fallen tangerines. The problem with this, however, is that they might then be attracted to other things you have growing on your garden, especially if those are more accessible to them.

How to Keep Deer Away from Your Tangerine Tree

Get a very tall fence.

No, seriously. An ordinary fence will not do as deer are excellent leapers. You need a fence that is at least 8 inches to effectively keep them out of your property.

You can also install an electric fence to encourage behavior modification. So when they try to get past the fence and they get zapped, eventually, they will learn to stay away.

Scare tactics

Install an ultrasonic device that will make loud sounds to chase the deer away whenever they come close to your property. You can also install a motion sensor activated device that sprinkles water on them whenever they come too close for your comfort.

Scent deterrent

You can try deterring deer from your garden by using area repellants that emit a strong, foul smell that deer don’t like. This will keep them away, although it might only provide a short term solution.


If deer hunting is legal in your area and you don’t have a problem with it, then that is another way to keep the deer away. After a while, they will instinctively avoid the hunting zone that is your garden, leaving you and your tangerines along with other things you have growing alone.

If you are not sure whether you have what deer eat growing in your garden, you should find this article helpful.
On a final note, deer enjoy a healthy treat of tangerine now and then if they come by it. So if they happen upon a field of tangerine, or your picnic basket that has tangerine in it, they will most likely eat it.