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October 26, 2020 3 min read

Do Deer eat yucca plants? If you are looking to add some stunning plants to your property boundary, the yucca plant might be one of them. In this blog post, we will talk about the yucca plant and how they fare in areas with a large deer population.

The Yucca plant is well known for its extreme drought tolerance, making it a durable addition to any landscape. They also grow slowly but will require only a little attention from you to survive. Their toughness is the reason why many growers and homeowners consider them for their property’s boundary. However, another question that would likely be on your mind if you live in Deer infested region is this – do deer eat yucca plants?

Yucca plants as incredible edibles or deer deterrent

Deer will eat a wide array of things, but the yucca plant is not always one of them. Because it has sharp and spiny leaves, filled with toxins, it can keep away a wide range of animals and humans too. Still, you should not confuse the Yucca plant for the Yucca which is a root plant commonly known as Cassava and planted for its edible roots. However, deer will also eat the yucca plant, not because of its leaves but the flowers. These flowers, usually in their nascent stage, will quickly attract Deer, and without protective measures, it will eat everything out.

Yucca and the winter willies

In the dead of winter, the Deer will eat anything and everything it finds. The Yucca plant will not be left out, no matter how much we have been told about its deer resistance. The Deer will not just eat the flowering parts like it usually does in other seasons by nibble at the tips of the plant. Therefore, you should use protective measures in winter to keep your precious yucca plants out of reach.

Caution when planting yuccas

Yuccas have highly toxic spines that can be harmful to humans, and animals, therefore you must be careful about where you locate them. You should also avoid combining yuccas with plants that require water regularly. As a drought-tolerant plant, they do well in well-drained soil with minimal water requirements. You may consider watering them only once a week during the summer with no need for water in winter.

Still, Yucca’s tolerance can be both a benefit and a drawback. When your yuccas establish themselves, they can be difficult to remove and will likely encroach beyond spaces meant for them. Therefore, you must be very strategic about planting them.

Final word

Do Deer eat yucca plants? Yes but will most likely eat the flowering stalk in your yucca plant. Deer have a great fondness for flowers! However, deer will also eat almost all aspects of the yucca plant in winter. The bottom line, if you plan to add yucca plants to your garden, you can go right ahead and plant away. All you need to do is ensure that your yucca plant has much sunshine and receives protection in winter.

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